‘This is important too’: Former FBI boss retires after 23 years to start a new job… as a school bus driver

A former FBI chief who was fourth in command as an executive assistant director became a bus driver, saying: “This is important too.”

Credits: CBS 6

Michael Mason has retired from his position as an FBI executive assistant director after 23 years of service, as per Daily Mail. But instead of spending his days as a free man doing things like going on vacations, playing golf, or fishing, he decided to start a new job as a school bus driver in Virginia.

Speaking to CBS 6 News, Mason said:

“About half of the FBI fell under me. And I was, just for context, I was fourth on the FBI’s food chain.

I’ve done some important things, but guess what? This is important, too.”

The former FBI agent decided to pursue his new career after watching a report about severe school bus drivers shortage in Chesterfield County. 

Credits: Michael Mason / CBS 6

Mason explained:

“When the pandemic struck there were so many people that were doing so many extra things. People like you who still have to get out here. People like grocery store workers. People like telecommunications workers. All kinds of folks who still had to do their job.

And I felt like I can be doing something to help in this post-pandemic recovery.”

Chesterfield County Public Schools were touched by Mason’s selfless engagement with the community. To thank him for his service, they featured him in a promotional YouTube video, hoping it would attract more bus drivers to the job.

According to the clip’s description, the starting pay for school bus drivers in the county is $20.21 per hour.

Credits: CBS 6

Mason told CBS 6 he wishes his story would inspire others to get involved. He said:

“Doing whatever they can do. I believe if all of us gave a little something. Wow, how we could impact the world. How we could change the world.”

He added:

“I’m probably one of the few bus drivers who has Turtle Wax in his kit back there. Because my hood was so oxidized and I said, oh no. I can’t do that. So, I am what I am.”

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