This Is How You Will Transform When The One You Trust The Most Betrays You

When asked, most of us can surely remember a person in our lives who caused us so much pain that we turned into a different person due to its severity. 

The pain transformс us on such a deep level that we are barely able to recognize who we are anymore.

But regardless of how much anguish you have gone through, in the end, you will emerge as a winner thanks to the new strength that you will have gained through the experience. In addition, you will learn important lessons even though the cost is high. And eventually, you will be grateful because…

You will come to understand the meaning of betrayal coming from the one closest to you.

You will understand that people are not always what they appear to be. Unfortunately, some only exist to cause pain to others. You will learn the hard way to spot these people and keep your distance from them.

You will learn that lasting love requires sacrifices on both sides. You cannot make a person love you and cherish you the exact same way as you do. You will understand that making a relationship work requires a certain balance and you will stop being the only one doing all the hard work.

You will learn to know your limits.

When someone causes you extreme pain, you will know how to set boundaries to prevent them from hurting you again. And when it comes down to your own wellbeing and happiness you will not be putting yourself second anymore.

You will come to know exactly what you want from life and what kind of love you truly need. And the more pain you battle through, the more familiar you will become with what you can and cannot tolerate. That is how you will be able to craft the life you want to live and find the person that’s best for you.

You will remove anyone from your life who poisons your peace because you know that your health and happiness are more important to you than any shallow relationship with another person.

In the end,  you will start putting yourself first and you will have integrated a radar for toxic people into your system.

And you will be grateful to those who caused you pain because if it wasn’t for them you would not have become as strong as you are now.

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