This Dad’s DIY Diaper Changing Machine Is Hilariously Dangerous

A genius father built a funny but risky Do-It- Yourself (DIY) diaper changing machine.

Introducing, the ‘Automatic Diaper Changing Machine’, by TikToker Taylor Calmus, also known as ‘Dude Dad’.

Fortunately, the gadget was tested out on a plastic doll rather than an actual baby, and the results were both frightening and hilarious.

The process starts with the baby being carried on the end of a stick while its diaper is whipped off above an actual flaming pit.

Afterward, a strong stream of water is shot at the plastic bottom with a force powerful enough to throw the baby over the garden fence. Even though this is just a doll, it still somehow manages to make you feel uneasy.

Image: DudeDad/TikTok

When situated at the other end of the device, the doll was then put in a fresh diaper and seemed like it was relatively unharmed.

Understandably, however, this wasn’t sufficient enough for the man’s wife, who said “Don’t touch him!” when the inventor reached out for his own baby.

‘Dude Dad’ Taylor Calmus and his wife. Image: Coloradoan

Dude Dad is a content creator who regularly shares vlogs about ‘being a Dad while staying a Dude.’

Some of his other videos include the viral ‘Mother’s Day Pampering Machine’ and a ‘DIY Cardboard Fireplace.’


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