7 Things People Don’t Understand You’re Doing Because Of Your High Levels Of Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is far more serious than anyone who hasn’t dealt with it can realize, and part of the issue is that there are so many mysteries and misunderstandings surrounding anxiety.

If you haven’t dealt with anxiety on a serious level, familiarizing yourself with it can help you understand it better. And if you have, we are certain you will agree with the following list:

1. You are incredibly sensitive even about little things

Having high functioning anxiety puts you in the category of the most sensitive types of people in the world.

You tend to concern yourself and notice even the smallest of issues.

You can get easily annoyed with little things such as a missing cup or sending an email to the wrong person. Evan a strange stare from a stranger can keep your mind wandering for days.

2. You experience a mental breakdown when the future comes up as a topic

While others look forward with a hopeful attitude to the future, it makes you view the topic as intimidating and makes you feel frustrated.

Because you experience the present so hard, to you, the future also looks hard and daunting. This makes you take a step back and hide from the thought of it.

3. You replay past conversations in your head repeatedly

Regardless of how well a conversation went with somebody, you always replay it in your head with fear that you might have said the wrong thing. That’s also why you try to avoid any form of confrontation at all cost.

This constant rewinding haunts you until it starts chipping a hole from the inside. In this case, you always have to remind yourself that your anxiety is talking and that there is certainly nothing wrong with what you’ve said in the first place.

4. Other people’s eyes of concern bother you more

When others notice that you don’t look and feel well, it bothers you more than it bothers them.

You then begin thinking that what you’re going through may even be worse than you thought it was.

This makes you obsessed with healing yourself immediately in order to avoid another comment from a concerned eye.

5. You compare yourself to others

You constantly find yourself scrolling through your friends’ profile feeds to check what they’ve been up to.

When you see that they’re doing great in their lives, you end up comparing yourself to them.

You begin to worry whether you can become as successful as they are.

6. You’re beating yourself up over every little mistake you’ve made

It’s only human to make mistakes, although a highly anxious mind will not accept this. Perhaps you made a mistake at work, and regardless of how big or small this mistake was, the thought of it begins to consume your mind, making it extremely difficult to handle.

it’s natural to make mistakes, especially if you put an effort into things, but anxiety doesn’t let you see it in a clear way and thus becomes your worst enemy.

7. You don’t feel like doing anything at all

At times, even getting out of bed exhausts you.

In this way, anxiety steals your energy making something as small as getting up hard for you to do.

When anxiety takes full control over you, little things become hard to accomplish which makes your situation even worse than it originally was.

If you catch yourself doing any or all of these things, your high functioning anxiety might harm you in ways you cannot imagine or even notice.

But you can also use it to your advantage to move up in life.

You can begin to understand what is possibly hiding beneath a person with these traits next time you encounter them.

Don’t make it even worse for them by criticizing them. Instead, try to encourage them with simple words to make their day brighter, and remind them not to let their worries take away the genuinely happy and fulfilling life they deserve to have.

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