9 awesome things you will experience when you start enjoying your own company

How do you feel about being alone?

Do you feel comfortable on your own, or do you prefer to have someone to keep you company?

Enjoying your own company doesn’t necessarily associate with being anti-social. It simply means that your own presence is enough for you to be happy.

Here are 9 great benefits of spending time with yourself you will truly experience after you start enjoying it.

1. Independency.

Once you start enjoying being on your own, you will taste the sweet flavor of independence. It will feel so natural and liberating. You will no longer feel anxious or needy of someone else’s company. Your own presence will be enough. This will be truly empowering.

2. Freedom.

Being in your own company, and actually loving it, means that you can finally be yourself. You can allow yourself to get all messy and weird in your own unique way. Besides, there is no one to judge you and point the finger at you for simply being you. This gives you the freedom to start doing things you truly enjoy.

3. Time to recharge.

When you are surrounded by people all the time, your energy often gets worn out. You feel exhausted and completely consumed by their presence. That’s why you desperately need time to recharge. And the best time to do it is when you are alone. Take a break from this constant interaction with others. Not only you will restore your energy, but you will also have the opportunity to become at peace with yourself.

4. Getting in touch with yourself.

Maybe you don’t even know you need it, but getting in touch with yourself is essential for your wellbeing. The moment you start to enjoy being by yourself will be the moment you realize how much you need this alone time. You will finally be able to do what’s best for you and work on your own happiness. What’s more, you will have the chance to understand better your own emotions and see what’s truly important for you.

5. Not needing validation.

As social human beings, we often ask ourselves “What would people say?” and we constantly try to meet others’ expectations. Well, this stops for you right after you realize how great being alone can be. There are many times when people are simply wrong. Just because the mass says something is not acceptable, doesn’t mean it isn’t the right choice for you. Spending some time alone will teach you how to trust your intuition and how to make decisions on your own. You don’t need anyone’s validation to follow your dreams.

6. Self-reflection.

Spending time alone gives you the perfect opportunity to sit back and reflect on your life. You will finally be able to focus on your mental health by processing your own feelings and emotions. Once you’re at peace with being alone, you will create the perfect environment for a much-needed self-reflection.

7. Increased productivity.

Admit it. When you are alone, not only you get more work done, but you also do it much better than when there are people around you. Sometimes, instead of motivating you, others only distract you from achieving your goals. Working on your own will provide you with much higher results. Moreover, you will be more satisfied because your success will be something you accomplished all by yourself.

8. Not having to apologize for anything.

Being surrounded by other people requires fitting in their frames and compromising with yourself. The moment you do something others don’t approve, you have to make a fool of yourself and apologize, even if you’re not the one in the wrong. That’s why being on your own is so liberating. You don’t have to explain your actions and apologize for your choices. Plus, no one’s feelings get hurt on the way.

9. Happiness.

Your happiness should be one of your top priorities. When you get to be by yourself for a while, you will undoubtedly appreciate this. After you start loving the freedom of being alone, you will focus all of your energy into your own wellbeing and self-growth. Besides, you badly need some time to spoil yourself a little bit, don’t you?

Don’t get this wrong. This article is not about quitting reality and spending your whole life on your own.

It’s about appreciating the joy and the freedom from spending some quality time in your own company.

Sometimes that’s all you need to feel alive again.

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