8 vital things you need to remember before giving up on love

Love improves your life in so many ways that giving up on it would have a terrible impact on your overall health and happiness. Studies have shown that feeling loved benefits your fitness, your strength, how happy you feel, how strong you are, and a lot more.

If you ever feel like giving up on love, you have most likely been rejected and feel deeply hurt right now.

Here are some vital things you must do so that you don’t give up on the magic that is love:

1. Difficult times make strong people

You may have had better days, but you may also have had worse. You might not have all the things you want, but at least you have the basics to survive. You woke up feeling crushed, but you still woke up. Your life may not be flawless, but it is decent. The good times will come your way as long as you keep pushing forward.

2. Know your value

Many of us give up on love because we don’t feel valued by others. We don’t feel worthy of the kind of love we need in our lives. But that is nonsense. All of us are worthy of love. And we are all valuable enough to experience the love we dream of.

For example, if a person comes up to you and gives you a nice compliment, and you don’t believe in your own value to receive it, you’re going to shut them off before they even get started.

If you don’t feel valuable enough for love, you’re not going to allow it into your life – even if it’s begging you to come in. This is why every day you must remind yourself of your own worth. Make a list of reasons for why you are worthy of finding true love in order to cement the feeling of worth in your mind, and never stop believing it no matter what live throws at you.

3. There can be no true success without love

Love is the founding block of human progress. Giving up on it would be a crucial mistake. Love what you do, until you earn the privilege of doing what you love. Love where you are, until you can reach the place you love. Love the people around you, until you can be with those you love most.

4. Bring yourself to a higher emotional state

If you don’t think that love will ever come your way, then you are likely to be in a deeply low emotional state. It is especially hard to get yourself into a higher emotional state if you are consumed by feelings of shame, guilt, grief or anger because you are focused on negative thoughts that trap you inside your current emotion.

For instance, if you are feeling grief over a past relationship, you will not be able to keep your eyes open for a new love. You will simply interpret what you encounter in a way that matches your current state. You may see a couple in love and feel grief over not being part of that kind of love yourself. However, if you are in a state of love, the couple in love would have a vastly different meaning to you.

5. Don’t let the everyday drama get the best of you

Choose your battles wisely. You cannot control how others perceive your energy. Anything you say or do will naturally get filtered through the lens of whatever they may be going through at that moment, which has little to do with you. Just keep doing what you need to do with as much integrity and love as you can.

6. Don’t try to dictate when and how love will come

If you’re deciding to give up on love, you must want love to happen immediately. You may think that just because you’re not in a loving relationship at the moment, you’re never going to be in one. That is utter nonsense. Just because you’re not doing something at present, doesn’t mean you’ll never get to do it in the future. You do not know what the future has to offer.

Remember, love cannot be forced, and it cannot be dictated. When you accept that love runs on its own timetable, you won’t be looking for reasons to give up on it, and you’ll keep yourself open so that when it comes you can embrace it with open arms.

7. Define what love means to you

According to best-selling author and psychologist Gary Chapman, we all feel love in a different way. While some of us feel loved when our partners do things for us, others feel loved when they spend time with us, when we receive physical attention or affection through words.

Ask yourself, “When do I feel most loved?” This is a crucial question which will help you in forming the relationships and doing the things that make you feel truly loved.

For example, if you enjoy spending time with others and feel most loved when people are willing to spend time with you, then that is definitely something you should focus on. Spend extra time with your family or friends. Spend time with those who mean something to you. Spend quality time listening to people who need to talk or feel valued. Get out there and find ways to make quality time a vital part of your life, and you will receive tons of love in return.

8. Keep your eyes open, love might be around the corner

Don’t stop looking for love just because you feel it’s not out there. You surely won’t see it if your eyes are closed. But if you keep them open, your chances are high to meet the one who has the potential to light your flame and give you all the loving warmth you craved for.

Never judge people as being unacceptable until you actually give them a fair chance. You’ll never know a person’s true nature until you get to know them deeply, so keep your eyes and heart open until they give you a valid reason to focus elsewhere.

Do believe these tips may prove to be useful in your own life? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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