There’s A New Olympic Sport Called Balloon World Cup, And It’s An Absolute Thrill To Watch

Balloon World Cup is here and it’s exactly what we all needed.

Competitors from all over the globe came together to compete in the ultimate balloon challenge.

Coming after a number of viral social media videos from the Keep-Up Balloon League on social media, the concept is pretty simple: two people go face off in an arena setting to keep a balloon from touching the ground.

Participants have to contend with living room furniture and a little car as they run and jump around the 8×8-meter court while trying to keep the balloon in the air.

Footage shared on social media is extremely intense, with commentators going crazy over the situations the two competitors find themselves in.

Image: Reuters

The winner and first champion of the tournament was Francesco De La Cruz from Peru, who beat Jan Spiess from Germany. The final score was 6-2.

“I am very, very happy, I thank God that I have been able to achieve this,” Francesco said, according to Reuters.

Antonio and Diego Arredondo, whose viral social media clips were seen as a major inspiration for the tournament, said:

“We played the game as kids, and then, during the start of quarantine for COVID, we wanted to play it again.

We started arguing with each other over if it hit the ground or not, so we started taking videos in slow-mo to see if it did, and then finally it got to the point of lets post this video of us on TikTok.”

Barcelona player Gerard Pique who, with the help of Ibai Llanos helped make Balloon World Cup a mainstream reality, said:

“It’s been amazing, it’s something totally different, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.”

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