Theme park slammed for “fat-shaming” visitors with new “humiliating” policy

Perth’s Adventure World is condemned for “fat-shaming” its visitors with its new weight measures. 

Adventure World, a theme park in Perth, Australia, has been slammed by social media users for “humiliating” and “degrading” guests, Unilad reports.

Some netizens are even trying to “boycott” the park “until they change their new disgusting ride policies.”

The outrage comes after Adventure World introduced new scales for its visitors. The self-serve stations flash red or green, depending on the rider’s weight.

According to a picture shared on social media, for an attraction called “Tunnel of terror,” a person’s weight should be less than 180kg(397lb). Meanwhile, for “Rocky mountain rapids,” a rider’s weight should not be over 90kg(198lb).

Commenting on the restrictions, one enraged user said:

“Not only can you not be above 90kg to ride the rapids, you can’t be over 75kg to ride the Abyss, the roller coaster. Do they know the average weight of an adult?” 

Another added:

“To top it off, they have scales for riders to go on to check their weights prior to going on. These scales show a large red flashing light if you are over. How humiliating. How degrading.”

Upon weighing herself for the Rocky Rapid waterslide, a teenage girl was left “humiliated” after finding out she was too heavy for the attraction. 

Her concerned mother told The West Australian:

“I was angry and disappointed in Adventure World. We’ve enjoyed these rides for years and now all of a sudden we weren’t able to.” 

Speaking to 7 News, another woman said:

“The park doesn’t cater to us anymore, we went last year and I was able to go on those rides with my kids no issue, and this year, we have red lights flashing in our faces saying no you can’t do this.”

Responding to the rising wave of criticism, the park’s CEO, Andrew Sharry, stated:

“We take our direction from our various ride manufacturer’s safety specifications. There have been no changes to, nor introduction this season of a new rider weight safety requirements for any of our rides, slides or attraction.

[The] rider weight safety assessment scale for the operator… brings us in line with almost all other water parks in the country. We are not alone in implementing such a system.”

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