The drunken “idiots” who broke their legs want to sue the waterpark they sneaked into

The drunken “idiots” who broke their legs after breaking into a waterpark want to sue the park’s owners. 

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Earlier this week, we told you about two friends, Claire Vickers, 46, and Barry Douglas, 44, who sneaked into Hampshire’s Aldershot Lido waterpark at 2 am, hopped on the water slide, and broke their legs by crashing into the barrier at its end. The incident happened after a night of heavy drinking.

Claire herself admitted: “We’re idiots – let that be a lesson.”

Now, the duo wants to hold the waterpark accountable for their severe injuries.

As per Daily Mail, in an interview with ITV’s Good Morning, Barry stressed that the park was too easy to get into. He then said he and his drinking pal may take “legal action” as a result of their injuries.

Credits: This Morning / YouTube

Claire said that she initially wanted to enter the time head-first, meaning she wouldn’t survive the crash, adding: “I wouldn’t be here.”

Following the painful water slide experience, the pair suffered broken shins and shattered feet.

As the pals slammed into the barrier, Claire’s shin snapped through her skin. All of the bones in her left foot were broken. Meanwhile, Barry was in “unbearable” pain as he broke his left leg and both ankles.

They had to wait for hours until they were finally rescued.

Speaking to the morning show hosts, Claire, a mom-of-five, said:

“Everybody does it, I’ve been doing it since I was about 20. That night I didn’t plan to go out and do this, it just happened… I just think something should be done about it.”

Credits: This Morning / YouTube

Barry, who revealed he was skinny dipping moments before climbing the steps to the slide, added:

“The chains were unlocked to walk up the steps. So we’ve got the bottom chain unlocked, the top chain unlocked and we’ve got the slide – and that was open.”

The friends said at the end of the water slide, there was a “solid barrier of steel.” 

Credits: This Morning / YouTube

Claire explained:

“As we were coming down the actual shoot, when you come out where the water is supposed to slow you down, there was a block. As soon as I hit the bottom, I broke my leg straight in half. [The bone] was totally out and I was holding on to my leg.”

In the meantime, Barry slammed the poor security at the park. He said:

“They should have security though, for a start. The fence should be secured and there might be a legal action being taken.”

Credits: This Morning / YouTube

His friend added:

“I just think that everybody has made a mistake. Everybody has got drunk at some point in their life and made a silly choice. That’s what this was.”

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