The Dreadful Reasons Why Women Decide To Stay In Abusive Relationships

If you have ever watched with sadness a friend or family member struggling through her relationship with a toxic partner, you have most likely wondered why she didn’t just leave.

Or maybe you’ve spent a long time with an abusive partner yourself, yet cannot bring yourself to escape and move on.

Many great women end up in bad relationships they know aren’t bringing them anything good – but why?

Here are some of the main reasons:

1. A damaged sense of self-worth

Many women in toxic relationships are constantly being put down by their partners. This is a tactic commonly used by gaslighters for purposes of manipulation. The victim is left saying to herself things like: “He made me believe I was worth nobody else’s attention but his.” and, “I felt as is if I’ve done something wrong and deserved the way I was being treated.”

2. They have a long and complicated history as a couple

Some women will be so deeply involved in their relationships to the point they feel it would be a colossal waste to get out of it. This of course is the wrong kind of thinking because they only end up prolonging their torture and suffering rather than start afresh.

3. Leaving can put them in danger

Women in toxic and abusive relationships are at high risk of physical harm in the weeks to come after separation. This is because the abusers try to exert control and take revenge of them for daring to leave and humiliate them.

A furious ex-partner may threaten to ruin a woman’s life by revealing a big secret about her, hurt her loved ones, or even take away her children.

4. They’ve received an apology

Sometimes, the victim of a toxic relationship is going to believe that her partner is genuinely sorry for hurting her. However, at some point, every woman worth her salt needs to say enough is enough and move on with her life.

5. They blame everything else but the abuser

Some women, blinded by years of constant manipulation, will try to absolve their toxic partner of his sins by finding other things to put the blame on. And that can be a big issue as it completely absolves the abuser of any accountability.

6. They want their kids to grow up with their father

If a woman has children with a toxic partner, her concern for the wellbeing of her children can influence her decision.

If she has always cherished the thought of raising her kids with both parents present, breaking off from the relationship means letting go of that ideal dream.

If you are a woman stuck in an abusive relationship, you must do whatever it takes to break free. Nothing is more important than your safety. Reaching out to family, friends, and if necessary, even to the authorities is a step you need to make to guarantee yourself a new, safer life.

We hope this article was of help to you. Let us know your thoughts on the topic by joining the conversation in the comments and please share if you’ve enjoyed the read. 

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