The Crucial Things She Wants From You But Would Never Ask You To Do

You probably think she expects you to place the world at her feet, but what she actually wants is quite simple.

She just wants your love and support. 

She wants to be touched when she least expects it. She wants you to gently massage her and put her at ease after a rough day. She wants to feel that same endless desire inside you while your body rubs against hers. She wants to feel the fire burning inside of you. She wants you to show her that you’re thirsty for her love and would do everything in your power to keep your relationship strong.

She wants you to let her know just how powerful your love is for her.

She wants you to show vulnerability and be open with her. She wants to see that you’re trying. That you cannot fathom a life without her. She wants you to surprise her with your affection when she least expects it. She wants to feel your passion. And she wants you to show her how much you care about her through actions – not words. But it has to come from within you.

She wants you to keep coming up with new fun and exciting ways to surprise her.

And that does not mean that she has material gifts in mind. What she wants most for you is to show that you care. A sweet surprising gesture of love that summarises your connection. Something that will remind her just how much she truly means to you, and that the thing you most need in life is to be by her side. This can involve a surprise meal made just for her, tickets to see her favorite singer, or a handpicked flower.

She wants to see that you are still trying to keep the flame burning wild and that you don’t take her for granted.

She wants to know that you’ll be there for her if she ever gets in serious trouble. She wants you to do the things that are important to her without her having to constantly remind you. She wants you to be aware of how much these things truly mean to her. She does not want to be controlling. All she wants is to know that you care.

She needs your love, your support, your affection. She needs you more than anything else in the world.

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