Teacher gives birth to FOUR babies in less than a year during lockdown

In LESS THAN A YEAR, a primary school teacher gave birth to FOUR babies. 

  • Jessica Pritchard, a 31-year-old teacher, was pregnant twice during lockdown and gave birth to four babies. 
  • Pritchard’s second daughter was born last May, followed by triplets this April. 
  • Both the mother and father were left “speechless” upon finding out they were going to have three babies less than a year after welcoming their second child. 
Credits: Jessica Pritchard / SWNS

Jessica Pritchard, a 31-year-old teacher from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, is now the proud mother of five beautiful children, after giving birth to her second daughter last May and welcoming triplets this April. Her second child, Mia, is only 11 months older than the triplets, Ella, George, and Olivia, who are just four months old. She also has an 8-year-old daughter named Molly.

As per Daily Mail, Jessica and her partner Harry Williams, 34, were left “speechless” when they found out they were expecting triplets. Given the fact that Pritchard was still on maternity leave when they discovered she was pregnant again in October, the couple was beyond shocked.

Credits: Jessica Pritchard / SWNS

The happy mom-of-five said:

“It has been a bit of a whirlwind 12 months, we had a lockdown baby and then three more. Meal times are fun because they all need feeding at the same time. Apart from it taking longer to feed, there are also three nappies to change instead of one. I just need to be more organised, but I’m quite an organised person as it is.”

Due to Covid-19 mandatory restrictions, Jessica had to go for her scan all alone. 

But when she came back home and broke the surprising news to Harry, he couldn’t believe he was about to become the father of triplets. The teacher explained:

“I was on my own at the scan because of Covid rules and the sonographer initially said I was having twins, which was a shock in itself but then she carried on looking and said she had found a third. I was speechless. I could not really believe it at first.

I waited until I got home to tell Harry as he was with the girls and with it being very early days and because of potential complications with triplets, I didn’t want to say in front of them. When I did tell him he was also speechless.

I don’t think he believed me until I showed him the scan picture, he was very excited. It was a big shock, but every pregnancy is a blessing so we consider ourselves very blessed.”

Credits: Jessica Pritchard / SWNS

As a precaution, Ella, George, and Olivia were delivered at the 31st week of Jessica’s pregnancy. 

The triplets then spent seven weeks in neo-natal care. Last month, they were finally able to go home to their big sister Molly and their other sister Mia. The overjoyed mom shared:

“We’ve had them all home together for a couple of weeks and Molly loves being a big sister. She adores them all. She’s such a good sister and wants to help all of the time. The triplets are in a really good routine and I’m quite organised normally anyway so it has gone well so far since they came home.”

Credits: Jessica Pritchard / SWNS

Expressing her gratitude for the NHS staff at Sheffield Hospital’s Jessop Wing, Jessica said:

“I was there most of the time but with an 11 month old I was also needed at home which was difficult, but the staff made it as easy for me as they possibly could, reassuring me, sending pictures, updates and answering any questions I had at all. 

They were also very mindful and understanding that we had multiples and did their best to ensure they were together as much as possible to make things easier, even though at times they had different needs, which made a world of difference.”

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