Supersonic jet could fly you “ANYWHERE in the world in FOUR hours” for $100 by 2026

For only $100, you could be able to fly “anywhere in the world in four hours” with a supersonic jet.

  • A start-up company plans to fly customers “anywhere in the world” for not more than 4 hours.
  • Boom Supersonic is expected to start constructing their Mach 2.2 commercial airliner in 2023.
  • By 2026, people would be able to travel more than twice as fast as the planes we use nowadays.
Credits: Boom Supersonic

Boom Supersonic is aiming to fly people to any point in the world with their Mach 2.2 commercial airliner – Overture. They are planning to get the supersonic jet in the air by 2026, UNILAD reveals.

The start-up company works toward significantly limiting travel time. Thanks to the Mach 2.2 speeds, the airliner will travel even more than twice as fast as the commercial jets we use today. What’s more, it will be able to transport between 65 and 88 customers on over 500 routes.

Blake Scholl, Boom Supersonic’s founder, told CNN Travel that the goal of his company is to “break the barrier of time.” He said:

“That barrier of time is what keeps us apart. We believe it’s deeply important to break the time barrier, more so than the sound barrier… It changes where we can vacation, changes where we can do business, changes you can fall in love with or you can be close to.”

With the Overture jet, a flight from New York to London would be only 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Moreover, a journey from Los Angelis to Sydney, which currently lasts more than 15 hours, would take only 8 and a half with the supersonic plane.

The first futuristic jet’s construction is expected to begin in 2023. Economic and environmental sustainability will be “the most important things” for the company. Initially, the fares would be similar to those in business class, but Scholl hopes he would be able to reduce the cost.

“…Where we want to get, which is anywhere in the world in four hours for 100 bucks.”

Although the founder of Boom Supersonic admits his project will take time, he says planning ahead is quite helpful.

“Lots of people think like one or two steps ahead. I find it helpful to think much further out and say, ‘Where do we want to be in a decade or two? And what’s possible at that time scale?’ Then you work backwards and say, ‘How do we get there?'”

Credits: Boom Supersonic

Expert claims the company’s aim is “an audacious goal.”

Professor Sean O’Keefe, an aviation industry expert at Syracuse University, believes that Scholl’s plan is incredibly bold. He commented:

“It’s an audacious goal! And sometimes that’s what it takes: to get somebody who really believes in their capacity to do something like this, to actually make it come to be.”

Are you ready to fly anywhere in the world for not more than four hours? Leave a comment to let us know! 

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