How Strict were Your Parents? – A Simple Test

strict parentsGrowing up, you generally had two different types of parents, often even in the same household. Parenting boiled down to strict parents and lenient parents. Below are a list of things that kids with strict parents know all too well. Count how many of these applied to your childhood and see how your parent’s scored on the strictness level at the bottom.
1. You were always the fist person who had to leave to be home on time.
2. You ever muttered the phrase “nevermind…You’re just going to say no”, and pouted your way out of the room.
3. You, to this day, still wonder if your parents would approve of your outfit
4. Your parents chaperoned every school function possible.

5. Your biggest decision of the week was whether to go out Friday or Saturday night, because no way were you going out both.
6. Attending a sleep-over at a friend’s house involved a visit to to verify the family’s linage.
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7. Your friends couldn’t comprehend why you wouldn’t ask your parents a second time about something they said no to. Like it would make a difference to ask again.
8. Your first curse word was in college.
9. You have a one syllable name – much easier to yell.
10. You’d change the TV channel if there was even a chance that someone might kiss.
11. You timed your question based on your parent’s perceived mood.
12. Not having your napkin in your lap or an elbow on the table during dinner resulted in a lecture about being able to take you into public.
13. Asking permission to do something involved practicing in a mirror, including answers to potential questions they might ask.
14. “The Talk” involved finding a copy of “A Kid’s First Book About Sex” on your bed. Nothing more.
15. You lied pretty much constantly.

11+: Super Strict!
Woah, congratulations on escaping the gulag that was your childhood. The truth is, you’re probably better off for it, though.
Call your parents and thank them.
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5-10: About average.
Your parents were fairly strict, but let you find your own way. Mistakes and all.
3-4: Pretty Lenient
I bet you had a lot of fun when you were younger. Lenient parents tend to be free spirits, and incorporate that same sense of freedom in their children.
0-2: Raised by Wolves?
Having lenient parents isn’t a bad thing, but it sounds like you got away with anything!

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