Streamer gets HIT IN THE HEAD after using the N-word in front of a Black security guard

A streamer got hit in the head after saying the N-word in front of a Black security guard. 

  • A streamer known as Louz filmed himself using the N-word while talking to a Black security guard.
  • Triggered by the man’s racial slur, the female guard hit him in the head. 
  • Social media users claim the streamer “got what he deserved.”
Credits: IP2Always/Twitter

An IP2 Always Win streamer, known as Louz, documented himself using racial slur while speaking to a Black security guard. As per UNILAD, the man behind the camera appears polite at first, but he can be heard using the N-word as he approaches the woman.

In the first moments of the live stream, Louz says:

“Excuse me, ma’am’. Do you know where the [n-words] park?”

As the guard asks the man to repeat himself, he says the same thing, without the racial slur this time, as he appears to understand that the woman heard him clearly the first time.

Understandably triggered by the streamer’s words, the security guard then says:

“What the f*ck you just said the first time?”

Before moving away, Louz continues to ask the same question, using “people” instead of the N-word.

The streamer then talks to the camera, explaining that the woman apparently heard him the first time. At the time, he laughs at the situation, as he appears to take his racially motivated actions as a joke. While addressing his viewers, he can be heard using the racial slur several more times.

Louz then turns around, making his way back to the guard. As some Twitter users commented, he appeared to be “asking for” what was coming at him. To the camera, the streamer says the woman is about to hit him, as he approaches her once again.

Moments later, a slapping sound can be heard, followed by Louz crying out of pain. He then says to someone else in the street:

“She hit me in the head! She hit me in the head, bro!”

The streamer even has the audacity to claim he was going to call the police on the guard. 

Another man can be heard saying that Louz was bleeding following the hit. He then turns to the camera with a wound in his head and his face covered in blood.

Credits: IP2Always/Twitter

As Daily Dot reports, the streamer has listed “FBI Informant” in his profile. He is also known to engage in right-wing conversations on the streaming platform.

One social media user noted that “sometimes freedom of speech comes with repercussions.” Many claimed that Louz  “deserved” what happened to him.

What do you think of this streamer’s racially motivated action? Did he “deserve” to be hit for using the N-word? Let us know in the comment section!

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