Stop fooling yourself! They don’t really like you, they’re just using you

When it comes to romantic relationships, oftentimes, our partners’ motives are too difficult to be revealed.

It can be awfully hard, especially at the beginning of the relationship. While you’re still in the period of getting to know each other, it’s almost never easy to clearly see how your partner truly feels about you. And if they are acting somehow distant, it’s usually too early to say whether it’s because they’ve been hurt in past relationships, or they’re just not that into you.

Unfortunately, many people take advantage of this uncertainty and play with your feelings as long as you follow. They use your sensibility towards them to get the most of it, and then move on to their next prey. These people’s only goal is to manipulate you until it’s entertaining for them. And the moment you stop playing by their rules, they are ready to replace you in the blink of an eye.

Here are five red flags your partner doesn’t love you, but rather using you.

1. They never apologize.

If someone truly loves you, wouldn’t they ask for your forgiveness whenever they hurt your feelings? Wouldn’t they want to fix the damage they have caused? When someone is deeply sorry for what they’ve done, and proves they deserve to be given a second chance, it’s most probably love. However, in case this someone does nothing to repair the broken pieces they left and starts acting as if nothing wrong has happened, they might be only using you.

2. They assume time fixes everything.

Indeed, time has the power to heal emotional wounds. However, it doesn’t remove the damage. For instance, if an ex-partner tries to get back in your life after they’ve broken your heart into a million pieces, and acts as if the pain has been long forgotten, their intentions might be coming from a dark place. Not only they avoid taking responsibility for their actions, but they are also trying to mess up with your emotions once more. Such behavior certainly indicates one of the classic cases of manipulation.

3. They continue doing things that hurt you.

When someone is only trying to take advantage of you, they wouldn’t lift a finger to change for you. If your partner is not emotionally involved with you, they wouldn’t even bother to stop doing the things that intimidate you. They wouldn’t really care if there’s something about them that makes you feel uncomfortable. Why would they? After all, their only goal is to use your vulnerability as long as it suits them.

4. They are never there for you.

Yes, this is too obvious to be overlooked, but sometimes we still do. No matter how many times they’ve shown we cannot count on them, we still patiently wait for this to change. But one question remains: “Will they ever change?” Every time you need them, they are never there. On the contrary, if you are not there for them, they act as if you are the worst person on Earth. This has nothing to do with love. Love should be giving, generous, compassionate, and most importantly – mutual.

5. They are not even hiding they’re using you.

If all of the red flags above are present in your relationship, then your partner, or ex, is not even trying to hide their intentions. In case they are always busy when you need them, they are never sorry for their mistakes, or they act as if everything is alright when it is exactly the opposite, they are not giving you even one reason to stay. Instead, they are only using you until you open your eyes to see you’ve been manipulated, or until they get bored and choose another toy to play with.

Love may be a million things, but it’s never built on manipulation, mind games, and emotional damage.

In case you see even one of these signs in your relationship, you need to seriously reevaluate your feelings for this person.

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