Special perfume designed for NASA smells just like outer space

Have you ever wondered what Outer Space smells like? Well, you finally have the chance to actually see for yourself.

A special fragrance designed for NASA called ‘Eau de Space’ smells exactly like outer space.

The unique perfume was created by chemist and founder of Omega Ingredients Steve Pearce. Back in 2008, NASA contacted Mr. Pearce asking him to recreate the smell of space, after he had successfully recreated the smell of the inside of the Mir Space Station, CNN reports.

With the help of his knowledge of flavor and fragrance chemistry and notes from astronauts describing the one-of-a-kind smell, Mr. Pearce managed to create an out-of-this-world fragrance.

Image: Kickstarter

As Mystical Raven reveals, NASA astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield describes the unusual smell, saying:

“The only time you can smell space is when you come back in from a space walk. As you open the hatch, there is a distinctive smell.”

Other astronauts explain the smell of space reminds them of rum, fruit, seared steak, or even a BBQ. It was also described as “burnt cookies” by the first space tourist.

Eau de Space was launched by a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The special fragrance was created to help astronauts train before launching in orbit. What’s more, it was part of NASA’s goal of eliminating any potential surprises astronauts might encounter or experience in space.

Product manager Matt Richmond explains that the main goal of the campaign is to increase interest in STEM learning for K-12 students through “experiential education”. Mr. Rishmond has also revealed they are planning to release another fragrance called Eau de Luna reminding of the smell of the moon.

Image: Kickstarter

Have you ever wished to travel through space? Are you excited about the new fragrance? Let us know how you feel about Eau de Space comment section!

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