Skydiver proposes to his girlfriend while plunging from 16,000 feet

The sky is NOT the limit! This skydiver proposed to his girlfriend while descending from 16,000ft. 

  • A professional skydiver proposed to his girlfriend 16,000ft away from the ground. 
  • The couple has been together for over three years and even have a child together.
  • The future bride, who was absolutely shocked by the proposal, shares her future husband “loves to surprise” her. 
Credits: Mercury Press & Media

Rahim Hajir, a 38-year-old professional skydiver from Iran, has proposed to the love of his life in a romantic, yet quite thrilling way. He popped the question to Kaitlyn Roule, 27, from Idaho, right after they were leaping from a plane above the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

As Daily Mail reports, Hajir kept the ring clutched tightly between his teeth the whole time. He admitted that his unusual proposal was a risky one. But since he loved his now-fiancé so much, he had a spare ring just in case he dropped the first one.

Thankfully, Hajir didn’t drop the diamond ring, and he managed to propose to Kaitlyn while they were 16,000ft away from the ground. Most importantly, Roule said YES!

Credits: Mercury Press & Media

The happy man said:

“I wanted the proposal to be out of this world. I didn’t want a usual proposal like hiding a ring in a cake or champagne glass.”

He added:

“I just thought that losing the ring would be a risk I’d have to take and if she’d have said no it would have been so awkward but thank God she said yes.”

Naturally, Kaitlyn was completely taken aback by the unusual proposal. 

Rahim and Kaitlyn met in a bar in Miami and have been a couple for over three years. They even have a child together, an adorable 2-year-old girl named Bella. However, they have never planned to get married. The overjoyed future bride shared:

“We have a child together so I thought that was it, I wasn’t expecting a proposal at all because we hadn’t talked about getting engaged. We only decided to go last minute that day because it was good weather for it. I was so shocked and completely in awe, my heart jumped out of my chest.”

Credits: Mercury Press & Media

Since skydiving is the couple’s favorite hobby, Rahim decided this was the best way to prove his love to his significant other. Kaitlyn explained:

“Rahim skydives every day for work and I go a couple of times a year with him. The first time we went skydiving was just two weeks after we’d met and he never told me that’s what we were doing. We just turned up and he told me we were going skydiving and I had to play it cool because we’d just started dating. He loves to surprise me.”

What do you think of this adrenaline-infused marriage proposal? Let us know in the comment section!

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