Sixty-one dogs set to die at slaughterhouse are rescued after van carrying them is intercepted

Dozens of canines were saved from being turned into dog meat in a Cambodian slaughterhouse. 

  • Sixty-one dogs, mostly puppies, were recently rescued from being sent to a slaughterhouse in Cambodia.
  • An estimated 3,750 dogs are taken from Siem Reap and sent to slaughterhouses for dog meat every month. 
  • Four Paws is launching a campaign to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia, with 1M people already signed to help. 
Credits: Four Paws

On Sunday, February 21, 61 dogs, mostly puppies, were rescued from a slaughterhouse in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. The canines were crammed into only six cages and were about to be turned into dog meat, Daily Mail reports.

Thankfully, Siem Reap Provincial Department of Agriculture and local police managed to stop the minivan transporting the innocent animals. The authorities arrested the driver and rescued the dogs, which were both strays and stolen pets. This was the first government-led interception of canines since the dog meat ban came into force in Siem Reap in July 2020.

Terrifyingly, most of the dogs showed severe signs of exhaustion and dehydration.

Credits: Four Paws

The canines are now being taken care of by Four Paws charity workers. Dr. Katherine Polak, veterinarian and head of Four Paws Stray Animal Care in Southeast Asia, said:

“Most of them are young dogs and showed signs of severe heat exhaustion and dehydration. It is unclear how long these dogs were in the van or at a holding area before being loaded onto the vehicle. All were extremely hungry, most likely not having eaten in days. We are currently preparing off-site premises where the dogs will be safe and cared for until we have found new homes for them. This first-of-its-kind interception hopefully sends a loud and clear message to traffickers across Cambodia that future dog meat trading will no longer be tolerated.”

According to the animal charity, Siem Reap continues to be a “key hot spot” in the country’s dog meat trade.

The minivan that local authorities intercepted on Sunday is just one of the many transporting innocent animals to their death.

Credits: Four Paws

Every month an estimated 3,750 live dogs are being sent to slaughterhouses from Siem Reap. Once they are at the slaughterhouse, the canines are being drowned, stabbed, hanged, and stropped of their fur. Then, they are being sold by wholesalers to the more than 100 dog meat restaurants in the capital.

Four Paws is now launching a campaign to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia once and for all. More than 1,000,000 people have already signed in support of their noble initiative.

Credits: Four Paws

Dr. Karanvir Kukreja, veterinarian and Head of Companion Animal Public Campaigns Southeast Asia at Four Paws, said:

“Through education and cooperation with the responsible authorities and tourism associations, the aim is to urge governments to introduce and enforce legislation banning the dog and cat meat trade to protect both animal and public health.”

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