Sir David Attenborough’s Surprise Appearance At Glastonbury Carried A Stern Warning Against Plastic Pollution

Sir David Attenborough surprised the Glastonbury crowd when he appeared on stage with a stern warning about plastic pollution.

The 93-year-old Planet Earth and Blue Planet narrator appeared on the Pyramid Stage right before Kylie Minogue was set to perform.

Before his appearance, marine life images were shown on screen as a whale song echoed out to the crowd.

Attenborough then came out and was greeted with a huge round of applause as you would probably have guessed.

He thanked the people and began making references to Blue Planet II and the impact it had on raising awareness about the damages of pollution to marine life.

As soon as they heard the word plastic, the crowd booed loudly.

“It had an extraordinary effect, and now, this great festival has gone plastic free,” Attenbororough said.

He continued: “That is more than a million bottles of water that have not been drunk by you in plastic. Thank you, thank you.”

Then he announced the release of a brand new documentary we cannot wait to see.

He added: “The oceans cover two-thirds of this planet of ours. There’s one third that we occupy all the time, the land, that covers only one-third of the globe.”

“There are seven great continents on which we human beings live. Each of them has its own marvelous creatures, birds, mammals, and animals of all kinds. Each of them has its own glory, each of them has its own problems.”

“We have been making for the past four years a series about those things. About those seven very different continents. It starts later on this year. It’s called Seven Worlds One Continent.”

You can watch the video in the link below:

What are your thoughts on our planet’s pollution problem? Share them with us in the comment section below.

Cover image credit: Youtube / BBC Earth

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