7 unexpectable signs your partner is falling for someone else

You should know your partner pretty well, so you may have recently noticed a change in communication or even some dodgy behavior on their side. And yet, you can’t seem to put your finger on what is happening.

If you believe your partner is falling for someone else, you are probably correct.

After all, it’s called intuition for a good reason.

Nevertheless, you need to make sure you’re not mistaken. In this article, we will look at the must-know signs your partner is falling in love with another person.

That way, you’ll be able to get a good grasp on what’s truly happening and ready yourself for the unavoidable conversation you should have with your significant other.

Love doesn’t always last forever, especially if you see these telling signs your partner is falling in love with someone else:

1. They avoid spending time with you

You used to have date nights but they’ve recently become too busy to go out with you. Surely, we all need our alone time, but this definitely doesn’t mean you should feel like you’re on your own in the relationship. If your partner is increasingly giving you less and less of their time, it’s a clear sign that they’re simply not interested in spending time with you. What could be the reason?

2. They rarely make eye contact with you

Some of the signs your partner has fallen in love with someone else can be difficult to pick up on, but not this one. When a person is in love, they have a natural need to hold eye contact for longer periods of time. If you’ve noticed that your partner has almost entirely stopped holding eye contact with you, then this is a sign of end times. This means they’ve fallen out of love with you – and that he or she may be trying to hide the guilt their emotional affair is causing them to feel.

3. All of a sudden your partner becomes obsessed with getting in shape

Unless your other half has always been a gym enthusiast, one can guess that their attendance was sporadic at best. Noticeable changes in behavioral patterns are always worth a closer inspection. Best selling author and relationship expert Susan Winter recommends asking yourself, “Where did the sudden interest come from? Is it for reasons of personal improvement, or is it coming from the impetus to look better for someone else?”

4. There’s little to no intimacy

The deep intimacy you used to share is gone. You used to cuddle up on the couch or in bed together, hold hands, talk for hours, have regular sex, but as of lately, there’s been almost none or very little of that.

If your partner has been trying to hold their distance from you when it comes to giving and receiving affection, something is definitely wrong. Intimacy is the force that makes two people bond and when one of them avoids it, there’s a problem in need of addressing.

5. They’re starting to lock you out of social gatherings

This is a particularly negative sign because what it actually tells you is a lot more about how deep your problem truly is. It is not just a sign your partner fell in love with another person; it’s a sign he or she is trying to detach themselves from you.

If your partner is avoiding to take you to social gatherings or company functions, it’s a clear sign that they no longer wish to be seen with you as a couple, and that they don’t want other people to know they’re in a relationship.

Maybe they’ve stopped inviting you because the person they’re interested in could show up at these events. Or this is simply the first step they’re taking to separate from you so they can find a replacement for you.

Either way, this is a solid indication that it may be time to collect your things and find someone who will love you truly.

6. They avoid talking about your common future

You used to talk about and make plans about the future. But now they are suddenly not into labeling your relationship nor do they wish to unnecessarily “stress” about the future. These are of course just excuses. They have set their eye on someone else, and you’re just a temporary placeholder for them.

7. They’re getting easily irritated with you

Whether it’s your attitude, your looks, or your cooking, your partner has started picking at everything that is you – this is likely because they have a new love interest. As soon as you get a new shiny toy, your old toy doesn’t look as appealing anymore, right?

If you’re noticing any of these things happening in your relationship, do not lose hope. Take action instead. Repairing your relationship is much easier before things become uncontrollable. And if it’s already too late for repair, get out of there as fast as you can; true love will come your way eventually.

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