Shopper self-isolates in a giant zorbing ball

The quarantine got the most creative ones of us to invent new ways of self-isolation while still going outside.

A UK shopper didn’t want to take any chances of being infected with the coronavirus.

So, she decided to roll into her local grocery store in a giant zorbing ball.

Luckily, a YouTuber captured the moment, so we could all witness this outstanding madness. In the video, Tracy can be seen descending in Kent’s supermarket Morrisons, obviously determined not to let any COVID-19 bacteria or just anything in general in her orbit.

What’s more, the self-isolating lady was not alone in this. Clearly, being zipped up in a zorbing ball, she couldn’t pick up groceries by herself. For this, she was accompanied by a chaperone, who handled the items for her and read to her any labels that piqued her interest.

Everyone in the store was both confused and wowed by the woman’s way of protecting herself from the virus. The videographer was quite curious about the meaning behind all this, and he kept asking questions, while of course keeping the recommended six-foot distance.

The conversation was mainly led by the vlogger and the woman’s shopping partner. He claimed that the woman was extremely germaphobic, and he was her carrier. However, the man didn’t have protective gloves, nor a mask while carrying the groceries. Moreover, the hamsterlike lady was only protected by her inflated ball, which she touched multiple times.

Eventually, Morrisons’ staff lost patience with the giant ball blocking their aisles.

They politely asked the woman to leave with the words: “I’m sorry, darling, but you’re gonna have to leave the store. We can’t allow this.”

After a few unsuccessful attempts to convince the employee to let her stay, Tracey strictly instructed her carrier to add bread, wax strips, and tea bags to her shopping cart. Then, she was escorted to the exit by a security guard and the staff member who asked her to leave.

Although this whole scene looks completely hilarious, it may have negative effects on the other customers, and the staff of the supermarket. As people commented, the virus can live on surfaces for many days at a time. Heavily trafficked areas, such as supermarket floors, are the most likely places to find it. Therefore, while rolling in the store, the “germaphobic” Tracey may have been spreading the virus and many other germs just like a paint roller.

Obviously, people are going mad in these difficult times of self-isolation, but we need to stay sane for the greater good. 

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