She Remembers The Time You Used To Appreciate Her, Now She Thanks The Stars That You’re Gone.

People will always forget what you said but will never forget how you made them feel.

When you met her you were blown away, she was everything you ever wanted and more.

You used to go to bed and wake up with her on your mind, the first person you’d text would be her.

Seeing her would be the most exciting event of the week, you used to wish those moments would never end.

When she left you couldn’t help but instantly miss her. She was where your mind would go when it wandered.

Your friends used to make fun of you when you turned into a goofball all because she sent you a midday text.

And finally, when you said, ‘I love you’ and she said it back, your whole world broke into a thousand pieces of ecstasy because you both meant every word.

But, somewhere down the line things changed and you began to change.

Maybe it was because she was finally yours, and you became possessive.

But when she refused to change for you, you became sour.

You began to do things because you thought you had to, not because you wanted to.

Then, suddenly you stopped meeting her halfway. You made excuses and became more and more unavailable.

You orchestrated the meetings to suit you and your time, and if you didn’t feel up to it, you had no problem canceling hours before.

Because when she refused to change who she was for you she became an inconvenience.

You never stopped to think whether your cold shoulder was affecting her because you secretly liked the fact that she was putting in 70 when you were putting in 30.

You started ignoring her calls just to see how many times she would try.

What you didn’t know was that she fumbling through whirlwinds of confusion, trying to figure out where she went wrong.

Sifting through details trying to pinpoint when and why things changed.

The time spent together was filled with boulders of silence.

When she wanted to speak you wouldn’t listen.

Each silent moment was painfully awkward.

And even so, she decided to stay because, she knew you loved her, even if it was once upon a time.

Eventually you realized that you only loved her because of the way she made you feel. And towards the end you started feeling a little guilty for it all.

You knew that the less effort you put in would result in her putting in more, and secretly you loved her chasing after you.

What you didn’t realize was that she could see right through you. She gave you chances to stop toying with her heart.

Afraid to let go, you became strangers.

Even though you were familiar strangers she decided to do what was best for both of you.

She said goodbye.

After years of confusion and self-doubt, she looks back to the times where you used to appreciate her, she looked back to simplifier times knowing that things are not the same.

And even though it pains to know that things will never be the same, she looks to the stars and thanks them.

She thanks them for shining brighter each night, for each lonesome night brings her closer to herself.

Each night that passed she chose to give herself everything you so selfishly denied her.

And in the end, she chose to appreciate and love all the parts you chose to ignore.

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