She is a Strong Woman, so she never loses herself for the sake of a relationship

Strong women never allow themselves to abandon their beliefs for the sake of a relationship.

They defend their principles, knowing that a love that requires you to lose yourself is not a love worth fighting for. Do you want to know why? Because they know what they bring to the table and are not afraid to demand what they deserve.

Love is all we need, right? But losing yourself in someone else and forgetting who you are in the name of “love” is beyond senseless.

A real grown-ass woman would never lose herself in love.

She never lets herself forget what she is made of. She never allows anyone to disregard her worth and play with her feelings. Moreover, she stands her ground and knows exactly how to fight back if someone disrespects her.

Her determination to fight for what truly matters makes her a strong woman. Her eagerness to achieve every single goal she has and make her dreams come true is truly admirable. The way she cares for the people she loves is one of a kind. She has a unique vibe that enchants everyone around her. And the best thing is that she is perfectly aware of who she is. So, whenever someone tries to belittle her, she backfires without any hesitation.

When it comes to relationships, she is an all or nothing type of partner. Either you love and respect her unconditionally, or you don’t waste her time. She is not the kind of immature girl that would allow you to manipulate her and take advantage of her selflessness. No. She is the kind of strong woman who never forgets where she comes from and where she is going.

She never allows anyone to hold her back, even her loved ones.

That’s because she knows that if you truly love someone, you would help them grow instead of stand in the way of their dreams. She has learned that truth the hard way. She knows what it feels like to lose yourself to someone else. Her heart has been broken before by someone who made her forget her worth for a while. But she managed to get back on her feet and let that someone know she is stronger.

What’s more, she now knows that losing yourself for the sake of a relationship is one of the most dangerous things a woman can do to herself. Feeling alone and insecure whenever you’re away from your partner is devastating. Not being able to function on your own is really heartbreaking, because it means you don’t appreciate who you truly are. But a strong woman like her knows better.

She acknowledges what she is capable of and never stops improving herself. Her passion for life is awe-inspiring. A real woman like her deserves to be loved by someone who would cherish that passion and would encourage her to never stop dreaming and achieving. Anything less than that is just not worth her attention.

Losing yourself to someone has nothing to do with love.

Let that sink in.

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