Sexpert lets slip on ways to make a ‘woman’s clothes fall off’ in the bedroom

‘Sexpert’ Nadia Bokody believes she has found out what truly makes a woman’s clothes fall off at night.

The Australian says she receives many emails from all kinds of people opening up about their sex lives.

And the most common thing she gets told is that women just aren’t enjoying sex that much.

In an interview with, she said:

“Its a miracle any of us are having satisfying sex at all.

“This is compounded only by the fact we raise girls to dissociate from their sexuality.”

Nadia Bokody | Instagram

Nadia was talking about a research project which showed that it normally takes women around 14 minutes to reach an orgasm when they’re with a partner, while it takes them just as little as 4 minutes to do it on their own.

Nadia Bokody | Instagram

She went on to say:

“So what’s going wrong? For starters, it probably doesn’t help that we can’t agree on what sex should look like.

“Studies highlight the fact that the only thing consistent when it comes to our collective definition of sex, is just how inconsistent it is.

“Sex scenes in pop culture really doesn’t help our case. We don’t see how they got there in the first place.”

Nadia Bokody | Instagram

So how do you tackle this problem? 

Nadia explained:

“While most men experience arousal spontaneously.

“For women, desire is something that happens responsively and is situationally dependent.

“And for women, good sex means acknowledging the mechanics of contextual arousal.

“If she’s relaxed because her partner does their equal share at home without being asked, she’s more likely to be sexually receptive.”

Nadia Bokody | Instagram

In short, your other half is much more likely to be turned on when she hasn’t had to do all of the dirty housework on her own.

Nadia Bokody | Facebook

Nadia revealed:

“It might mean the blokes have to do a bit more work in the meantime.

“But it’s a pretty good trade-off for a whole lot more sex.

“And the kind women are actually enjoying, not just pretending to.”

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