The Science of Hypnosis

The Science of Hypnosis

If you’ve never been to stage show where hypnosis is involved, I highly recommend it. Not only is it hilarious, it will seriously make you wonder how real it is. Hypnosis is fascinating even when it’s not being used to make people cluck like chickens or other strange activities. Hypnosis is also used as a form of therapy. It’s been used to help people with addictions, as well as other emotional and mental trauma. Still, hypnosis has a reputation of being somewhere between magic and total BS.
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Scientifically, hypnosis is a state of consciousness much like the one you are in when you are reading a book. Your brain zones out everything else except what you are focusing on. So when someone is hypnotized, they’ve zoned everything else out of their brain except the sound of the voice of the person doing the hypnotizing. Hypnotism works on what are called our autonomic processes. In the following video, you’ll see an example of how our autonomic processes work, and how to trick them much like hypnosis does.

When our brains begin to ignore or zone out our autonomic processes, that’s where the suggestibility of hypnosis comes in. These suggestions are what they hypnotist use to do things like make someone think they are a dinosaur, or to convince someone to quit smoking. The brain functions very differently in a state of hypnosis, and for some people – it is extremely effective. Although hypnotism may have somewhat of a sketchy reputation, there are dozens of reports from people who swear by it.
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Check out the following video from AsapSCIENCE that will show you exactly how hypnosis works, and will even give you a few examples to try yourself. Who knows, maybe hypnosis can help you have a desire to work out more often or eat better? Then again, maybe you are one of the rare people who aren’t susceptible to hypnosis at all?

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