Russian woman sues a 12-year-old on bike for scratching the car she hit him with

A 12-year-old cyclist was sued for scratching the vehicle of a former Russian road safety official after she hit the boy with her car. 

The bizarre incident unraveled in 2019, as Unilad reports. Not only the young boy was left with a cascade of injuries, but his family has to pay more than £1.300 (a little over $1.600) in damages.

The driver and the woman who successfully sued a 12-year-old is Lilia Khoruzhenko, a former employee of the Ministry of Education and Science in the north-western Russian region of Murmansk. As she was driving in the Yurkino village in the Kolsky district, Lilia rammed into the child, whose name has not been revealed, with her Volkswagen SUV.

The smash didn’t cause any immediate injuries to the driver. However, the young cyclist ended up in a hospital, as the incident left him with several injuries and broken teeth.

Luckily, the boy successfully recovered from his injuries, but doctors say he would have to wait until the age of 25 to have his front teeth replaced.

Ironically, at the time of the crash, Khoruzhenko was reportedly in charge of children’s road safety in the region she was driving in. Thankfully, the woman no longer holds a role in the ministry.

Image credits: CEN/@plohie_novosti_mc

After the accident, the injured boy’s family focused on his recovery and allegedly decided not to file any sort of report against the driver. On the other hand, Lilia Khoruzhenko was quick to file a lawsuit against the boy for the scratches inflicted upon her car when she was the one who caused the collision.

Khoruzhenko claimed that the 12-year-old cyclist had broken traffic regulations. She referred to the laws which state that minors under the age of 14 can only ride their bikes on pavements and bike paths, not roads.

Image credits: CEN/@plohie_novosti_mc

The family couldn’t believe their boy was sued for an incident he didn’t cause. Amid the furor, they ordered an independent examination to ascertain the actual circumstances. Reportedly, the investigation concluded that the 12-year-old was not guilty of any such infringements of regulations.

However, the Kolsky’s district’s local court sided with Khoruzhenko in the civil case. They ordered the young cyclist’s family to pay her 120.000 RUB (£1.375, or $1.732 ) in damages.

Understandably, the boy’s family is reportedly planning to appeal the court’s decision.

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