Reckless Man Jailed After CCTV Footage Caught Him Driving On Train Tracks

Birmingham, United Kingdom: A man has received a 15-month sentence behind bars for his recklessness after he went for a drive along a railway track before leaving his vehicle and blocking the train’s path. 

Aaron O’Halloran, 32, was also slapped with a ban on driving for two years and ordered to pay £156 after the court found him guilty of a number of offenses related to his stunt, which include endangering people on the railway and dangerous driving.

The man, who is also said to have been driving without a license and car insurance, was captured on CCTV in the early morning of May 9 driving on the railroad through a Duddeston station gate and proceeding to drive for half a mile on the tracks before leaving his Mitsubishi and taking off on foot.

Aaron O’Halloran. Image: SWNS/BTP

Thankfully, there were no trains passing at the time…

However, O’Halloran’s deeds resulted in an 8-hour delay for passengers in the area, with police claiming that the damages were worth £23,000.

The man was eventually found by police thanks to a phone he left in his car, but even though he was presented with the evidence, he kept on denying any involvement, as per The Guardian.

BTP Detective Inspector Raymond Ascott said in a statement:

“This was an immensely dangerous and senseless act by O’Halloran, which caused significant risk to passengers and damage to the railway.

The sentence handed to him reflects the severity of this crime and we are thankful no one was injured as a result of O’Halloran’s alarming behaviour.

He’ll now have plenty of time to reflect on his idiotic actions in prison.”

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