Reality TV star Ashley Cain says he’s smiled for “the first time” since baby Azaylia’s tragic death

“That was the first time I’ve smiled since that day.” Ashley Cain shares he has smiled for the first time since his baby daughter’s tragic death. 

  • Reality show star Ashley Cain opened up about his baby daughter’s tragic death. 
  • Azaylia, Cain’s daughter, died at only 8-months-old, after a severe battle with leukemia.
  • After posting a picture of an orange-tinged sky, the former football player said his baby girl was sending him a message “from the heavens above.”

Former football player Ashley Cain, 30, posted a snap of a beaming orange sunset, believing it was a sign from his baby girl Azaylia. Cain’s little angel tragically lost her life to an aggressive form of leukemia in April, when she was only 8-months-old.

As per Daily Mail, the reality show star posted a touching message alongside the image of the orange-tinged sky. In the message, Cain wrote:

“The heavens continue to shine orange for Azaylia. I love you princess, you’re forever in my heart. Keep smiling. Keep shining bright. I miss you. Daddy.”


In a follow-up post, he said:

“That was the first time I’ve smiled since that day. The first time I’ve felt happiness since that day. She filled me with so much belief when she was here and she’s still doing it from the heavens above. I don’t know how you do it Azaylia but please keep on making us believe.”

The grieving father vowed his daughter’s legacy will “help, inspire, strengthen and save so many lives.”

Azaylia’s mother, Safiyya Vorajee, 35, said she saw “angels” along with the letter “A” while looking at the orange-tinged sky. Cain’s partner wrote:

“I looked out the window and saw this!!! Amazing!”

The devastated mother believes the red evening sky was a sign from her “guardian angel” Azaylia. Vorajee later shared another photo of the rare sight, writing:

“I see angels and my baby angel. She is showing me she is protected.”


Baby Azaylia tragically lost the battle with acute myeloid leukemia on April 24. 

Cain’s daughter was only 8-months-old when she passed away. She was just two months old when she was diagnosed with the terrifying disease.

Credits: Twitter

Azaylia’s mom shared she had recorded the video from Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague’s Instagram story showing the mesmerizing sky while she was looking for signs from her little angel. Vorajee wrote:

“I keep looking up into the sky and looking for signs from Azaylia. So tonight I went to see her. As I left, I asked her what she was going to do special, for me in the sky tonight. As I was driving I couldn’t capture this moment but it made me say out loud. Wow. I had to screen record this off @mollymae story and show you what I saw as she captured the moment so beautifully.”

She added:

“The purest love I have ever felt in my life is for you Azaylia. The most incredible girl my hero, my baby, my inspiration. ADC. May God protect you, my guardian angel.”

Credits: Instagram

Following Azaylia’s passing, Cain opened up about his pain posting a heartbreaking message on Instagram.

The reality show star revealed he was “broken and hurting.” In a series of IG stories, he thanked his fans for their support, saying:

“I wanted to take this time to give thanks for all of your love, care and support for Azaylia throughout her battle and still now for us as a family.”

The heartbroken father added:

“I am broken and hurting more and more everyday right now. But I made a promise to my daughter that I would keep her name alive by continuing to help other children, adults and their families during their own battles and I will honour that promise until I see her again.”

Credits: Instagram

To his baby girl, he said:

“Rest In Paradise Princess. I will always hold you in my heart until I can hold you again in heaven ❤️ #AzayliaDiamondCain

My heart is shattered. You gave my life purpose, my face a smile, filled my heart with love and my soul with pride. I can’t put into words my sadness and pain, there aren’t words to describe it. I love you with every ounce of my body and I miss you so much already. You made me a better man. You made me the person I’ve always wanted to be. You’ve taught me more in your 8 months than I’ve learned my whole life.”

Azaylia’s bravery during her battle with leukemia inspired her father’s powerful “Let’s go champ” message.

Before the child’s tragic death, as the family still hoped she could survive the disease, they had set up a GoFundMe page to fund a trip to Singapore for a life-saving transplant. Fans and donors from all around the world raised more than £1.5million to help baby Azaylia overcome the illness.

Following her devastating passing, her father wrote:

“I don’t know why you’ve been taken away from me and my heart aches in your absence. But I promise you that your name with live on. I will carry your name across every ocean, along every road, to the top of every mountain and across the whole globe.

Your name will live, your legacy will be remembered and I will seek peace in living as your vessel to continue inspiring, giving strength, spreading joy and saving lives in your name, with your spirit, as your father until we meet again. You saved my life, you really did. With my second chance, I make a promise to you that I will make yours live on in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers.

I am blessed, I am honoured and I am privileged to be your father. I would go through all of the pain again and again. Because what you gave me in those 8 months will live with me for eternity.

Oh, oobee doo. I wanna be like you. I wanna walk like you, Talk like you, too. Azaylia Diamond Cain.

Rest In Peace Princess. 10.08.20 – 24.04.21.”

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