Real-life Taken: Heroic mother hunts down 10 cartel members involved in daughter’s murder

After her daughter, 20, was kidnapped and murdered by a Mexican cartel, tough vigilante mom hunted down her child’s killers one by one. 

  • A heroic mother went after the cartel that abducted and killed her 20-year-old daughter.
  • Miriam Rodriguez, in her 50s at the time, managed to hunt down 10 gang members responsible for her child’s death.
  • Rodriguez is now a hero in her hometown for pursuing criminals that even the authorities were afraid to face. 

Miriam Rodriguez tracked down her daughter’s murderers and went after them one by one to avenge her child’s tragic death. She set up fake IDs and used disguises to stalk the criminals before hunting them down.

Credits: EPA

As per Daily Star, Miriam’s daughter, a 20-year-old girl named Karen, was kidnapped and killed by the Los Zetas cartel in San Fernando, Mexico. The Sun reports that the criminal crew kidnapped the girl in 2012, which was followed by numerous calls and threats, demanding ransom payments in exchange for Karen to be returned.

After finding out who murdered her child, Rodriguez fiercely ran after those responsible for Karen’s death. Throughout her pursuit, she was able to take down 10 criminals from one of the most dangerous Mexican drug cartels – Los Zetas.

The fearless mother’s hunt occurred in a place where even the official authorities are afraid to face the criminals. 

Following her child’s murder, Miriam did everything in her power to capture nearly every living member of the gang that was involved in the abduction. She used various approaches, including cutting and dying her hair, disguising, and playing different roles to get the killers’ names and addresses. During her own investigation, Rodriguez came up with many inventive excuses to meet the gangsters’ families in the search for more details to help her track them down.

One of the cartel members the bold mother captured was a man selling flowers on the street. When Miriam approached him, the florist recognized her and tried to escape. However, the vengeful mom, who was 56 at the time, gathered the strength to tackle the criminal to the floor. She even held a gun to his throat and told him she would pull the trigger if he moved.

Sadly, the heroic hunt eventually cost Rodriguez her life.

Credits: REUTERS

She was murdered in her own home in San Fernando by unidentified shooters. This happened on May 10, 2017 – the day Mexicans celebrate Mother’s Day, and just weeks after Miriam had chased down one of her final targets.

As The Guardian reports, after her death, Tamaulipas Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca stated that the state government “will not allow the death of Miriam Rodríguez to be one statistic more.”

Miriam Rodriguez has become a hero in her hometown for going after the dangerous drug cartel. There is now a bronze plaque in the central square honoring her courageous deed.

After her child’s death, Miriam had told her other daughter Azalea that she would not rest until she had found justice for Karen.

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