Pub In UK To Hold Weekly “Girls Only” Night With All-Female Staff And Band After A Rise In Cases Of Women Being Spiked With Needles

Nottingham, UK: A pub has announced it will hold girls-only nights following reports that girls are being spiked with needles on numerous occasions. 

The Playwright is set to hold the special night once a week, and men will be banned from entering.

Only women will work at the venue, which means there will be no food as the main chef at the pub is a man.

The first girls-only event will be held on November 3 from 6 pm until close. Normally the place shuts at 11 pm but manager Josh Wheelhouse said closing hours could be extended.

Image: BPM

In an interview with Nottingham Post, he said everyone who works at the pub is really “excited” to be part of this.

“I have already spoken to a couple of societies at Nottingham Trent University, and we will actually organise workshops to educate women on what to do in situations that would put them at risk,” he added.

Nottingham nightlife. Image: New Tork Times

A band entirely comprised of women will entertain the guests on the special night, which could also turn into a mini club session.

Wheelhouse went on to say:

“I was a bit hesitant to do this – because I did not want to be perceived by others as the guy who is trying to make money out of this terrifying thing that happens to women. I felt like I needed to do something.

My girlfriend, who is a community welfare officer, has encouraged me to do this after she told me that many spikings do not even get reported. It is very scary and terrifying.”

Several reports of women being spiked with needless in recent weeks have come from Nottingham, even though authorities are also investigating other areas of the UK.

Many girls have opened up about their own horror tales of blacking out in a nightclub and waking up without remembering anything, only to see a pinprick and a part of their body feeling sore.

The perpetrators and the drugs they’ve used remain a mystery and experts are divided over how widespread the issue is. Some of them say it would be extremely difficult to drug someone by using an injection in a busy nightclub without a single soul noticing.

Others, however, have said that if the needle is thin enough it could penetrate the skin without the victim noticing, and it will partly depend on how big a needle is needed for the drug used.

Staff at the Playwright pub in Nottingham. Image: Nottingham Post/BPM

Regardless, these incidents have gotten the public into a state of constant panic of needle and drink spiking. 

And while several drugs could be used to do this, experts say adding more alcohol to a person’s drink is the most common method used by predators.

In an interview with the BBC, Dr. Adam Winstock, founder of the Global Drugs Survey, said:

“Needles have to be inserted with a level of care – and that’s when you’ve got the patient sitting in front of you with skin and no clothes.”

Nottingham nightlife. Image: New York Times

He went on to say that it would be hard to keep a needle in a person’s skin long enough to administer the entire amount of the liquid.

Dr. Winstock added:

“Normally you’d have to inject several millilitres, that’s half a teaspoon full of drug – into somebody. That hurts and people notice.”

However, cosmetic doctor and women’s health specialist Dr. Shirin Lakhani said some needles are thin enough to do the job while going unnoticed.

She added:

“If someone’s had a drink or so, they might be less inclined to feel the scratch of a needle.”

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