Professor issues email rescheduling exam after he got shot, contracted COVID and got divorced

A professor’s email has gone viral after his student uploaded it on Twitter.

In the email, Professor Patrick Wilson explains that he has to reschedule an exam and cancel a class after being shot, contracting COVID, and getting divorced. One of his students uploaded a screenshot of the email on Twitter and this quickly went viral. According to the tweet, the email read:

The tweet has received numerous responses commenting on Professor Wilson’s email. 

Many noted that the email sounds disturbing and that Professor Wilson probably needs a really long break. Some of these comments can be seen below:

Professor Wilson sent a follow-up email after finding out that he had gone viral. 

In his second email, the professor shows off his biting sense of humor as he explains that the exam is scheduled for Monday and that unlike his wife, he expects his students not to cheat. The follow-up email can be seen below:

In awe of the professor’s level of shade, Twitter users rushed to comment. 

While it is unclear whether or not the emails are a hoax, they are nonetheless hilarious.

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