This priest’s reaction to a dog who crashed his church service will melt your heart

Dog lovers can agree that there is nothing more important than petting a good boy.

When a joyful dog comes up to you, there’s hardly anything that can stop you from playing with him, and in this case, even church service.

Earlier this month in Brazil, while Father José Geraldo Sobreira was leading mass at the Nossa Senhora das Dores parish, a surprise guest appeared with a wagging tail.

But rather than chase the furry visitor away, the kind priest did quite the opposite. Father Sobreira embraced the pup’s presence by smiling and stroking it while carrying on the mass, despite the distraction that was laying in his feet.

Sobreira has earned plenty of praise from people all around the world for his beautiful treatment of this sweet and playful creature.

Even though it remains unclear where the adorable pup had come from, one cannot help but wonder if this was an angel sent to bring some extra joy to this day’s church service.

You can view the full encounter between father Sobreira and his adorable visitor below:

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