10 Surprisingly Positive Health Benefits of Sex

Sexual intercourse could mean a lot of things to a person.

In English, there are many names for the same act. Here are a few of them – lovemaking, intercourse, the marital act, sex, doing the nasty and the universal four-letter word. And in any given person’s lifetime, she or he could engage in this act for many reasons. Love is only one of them. Sometimes people have sex for money, to meet someone else’s expectations, for lust, closeness, to exercise power, out of boredom, to feel more desired, to take comfort. And whatever else you can think of that could motivate an individual to have sex. Sometimes we don’t even know why we ’re doing it. The occasion arises, and we take advantage of it.

But there’s one thing that is more or less true about sex- it might have benefits for our health.

Nonetheless, this could only be the case if some conditions are satisfied. First of all to have a healthy sex life we need to fully accept ourselves, on all levels, in all ways. Another thing that is necessary for a healthy sex life is having a stable connection with our partner. It’s crucial that we become deeply involved in the other person’s sexuality.

If we want to have good sex, we need a partner who understands us not only in the bedroom but also in life.

The main ingredient of a good sex life is to be with a lover who knows and is willing to explore and to adjust to every aspect of our sexuality and personality. Someone who could create with us both physical and spiritual connection.

Healthy sex life is the result of a relationship between two partners who feel safe about each other in all possible ways.

As mentioned above we choose our sexual partners for different reasons: finances, security, experience, kids, sex, love, and marriage. But the couples who have good and healthy sex life are the ones who are free from stress and worry. These problems can occur if something in their lives isn’t all right.

Here are a few questions about good sex that could arise:

Are orgasms necessary? Do the partners know how to give and have them? What are satisfactory alternatives if this unique act is off the menu for any cause? Do both partners feel appreciated and happy for being involved in it? Have their expectations, whatever they are been met? In what positive ways exactly does sex influence our life and our health?

Here are some of the answers:

The benefits of sex vary from cutting anxiety levels to reducing the chance of having cancer and heart diseases. What is more, sex helps to establish more profound intimacy with your partner. This kind of bond does much more than make you warm and fuzzy. It decreases stress and increases your overall energy.

Below are ten surprisingly positive health benefits of sex:

1. It becomes easier to control our body weight.

You are, of course, unlikely to burn as many calories between the sheets as during a heavy gym session. However, sex also burns calories. On the top of that, it makes us feel more comfortable about our bodies.

2. After sex, our skin gets a natural glow and feels fresher.

Yes, rosy cheeks and a pretty glow can be achieved with a little help from your partner.

3. Sex can make people sleep more (especially men)

Sleep plays an essential role in good health. And according to experts having sex is better than taking a pill if you experience sleep problems. It relieves stress and falling asleep becomes much easier.

But, unlike women men almost always sleep after making love. Actually, after orgasm, a man’s body chemistry changes. This happens because biochemical prolactin is released. Another reason why men usually sleep after sex (and not ladies) is that after every orgasm, the energy-producing glycogen in muscles is reduced. And men have more muscle mass than women.

4. During (great) sex our body might feel the same way it does when we meditate.

Meditation enhances our overall well-being. And some people could even fall in a trance-like state before orgasm. Here is an excellent statement of the author and spiritualist Deepak Chopra:

“Sex is a means of escaping our little self or ego. It is many peoples’ only experience of meditation”.

5. Sex has both physical and psychological benefits.

Good sex makes people think in a clearer way. They become able to express themselves better and have more energy to tackle problems or diseases.

6. Sex is a powerful booster of happiness.

Having sex can make you feel happy in no time because of the Oxytocin or the love hormone. Our body releases it in large amounts during the sexual act.

7. Another benefit of sex is that our attitude becomes more positive.

The pleasure and relief we experience after making love can make us feel as if we’ve been lifted above everyday life’s problems. We become more connected to our soul and the world around us. And light-hearted people are healthier.

8. Orgasm can hinder the transmission of pain signals.

Research using laboratory animals and humans has found that orgasm can hinder the transmission of pain signals from the spinal cord. That could increase the pain threshold to such an extent that the similar effect in morphine is three times the standard pain-relieving dose.

9. Sex stimulates the libido.

Here is an opinion of Lauren Streicher, who is an assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University’s Medical School. She thinks that sex stimulates our libido and makes us want to make love even more. For women, having sex improves vaginal lubrication, elasticity, and blood flow.

10. People who have good sex tend to have a stronger immune system.

Their bodies react in a more effective way against bacteria or viruses. Such people are less likely to suffer from heart diseases or cancer. Researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania explored the matter. According to their research college students who had sex once or twice a week had higher levels of a specific protective protein. Students who had less sex had lower levels of the same protein.

Sadly, most people know (usually from their own experience) that sex isn’t always good.

That is why there are so many sex therapists these days. They are here to improve couples’ sex lives. Different therapists suggest different practices and methods which could help partners feel amazing while making love. But, almost all therapists share the same opinion about the key to a good and healthy sex life.

It’s the communication between the partners that matters the most.

We should talk to each other. Ask the partner about their needs and expectations regarding our sex life. We shouldn’t be afraid to tell them about what we like or don’t like when making love. We should be honest with our partner about the things we need in the bedroom. And we should expect the same.

If we do these things, we could be blessed with a great sex life that keeps us happy and healthy. Isn’t that cool?

Are you satisfied with your sex life?

Please, don’t be shy and share your experience in the comments.

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