Polish Javelin Thrower Auctioning Off Olympic Silver Medal To Raise Money For Baby’s Heart Surgery

A javelin thrower from Poland has auctioned the silver medal she won at the Tokyo Olympics for $190,000 in order to raise money for a child’s heart surgery.

Maria Andrejczyk ended up in second place in the women’s javelin throw at the Tokyo Olympics this year. An incredible accomplishment for the 25-year-old who was diagnosed with bone cancer just three years ago.

On social media, the athlete said she would be privately auctioning her silver medal in hopes of raising $190,000 for Miloszek Małysa, a Polish infant who needs life-saving heart surgery in the United States.

Image: siepomaga.pl

According to her latest post on Facebook, she revealed that the auction had been won by Polish convenience store chain Zabka, with its incredibly generous donation and further contributions surpassing the $190,000 mark Maria had been praying for.

The company later added it has insisted Maria keeps her hard-earned medal.

“We were moved by the beautiful and extremely noble gesture of our Olympian. We admire [Andrejczyk] and we are glad that we were able to contribute,” they wrote.

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