Police officers spent hours helping short-staffed Waffle House crew

Unexpected help: Six police officers helped out a Tennessee waffle house staff after several employees walked out mid-shift. 

Every week, sergeant Johnathan Bright and his crew visit the Dandridge waffle house for a nice meal after a 12-hour shift.

Credits: WVLT

One day, as they were heading to their favorite restaurant following an exhausting workday, the officers were disappointed to see it was closed. It turned out that several employees walked out mid-shift early Sunday morning. Those who fleed the place left behind piles of dirty dishes, overflowing trash, and a short staff.

Credits: WVLT

As per WVLT, sergeant Bright said:

“There wasn’t a single clean dish insight. There was one elderly woman in there. I had never seen (her), but she has really bad arthritis in her hands. Looking at her, it hurt her to work a broom. So, I was like we need to help them.”

In two hours, the kindhearted officers cleaned, took orders, and got the restaurant back up and running.

Credits: WVLT

Corporal Kayla Gabbard said:

“It’s stressful for us in the jail, because once these people are arrested and brought in they’re mad. They’re upset and we have to talk them down once they get there.”

Proud of his team’s benevolent gesture, sheriff Jeff Coffey said he had challenged everyone to perform a random act of kindness to “make the world a better place.”

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