Police Officer Awakens From Coma After Saving His Wife’s Life

A policeman has awoken from a coma after putting his life on the line to save his wife. 

The story was shared by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, where reserve deputies Lucas Shoffner and his wife Nicole work.

After being hit by a truck while trying to fix a dirt bike on the side of a Tennessee road on August 1, Lucas fell into a medically induced coma.

Sharing the story on Facebook, the Sheriff’s Office said:

“Nicole suffered injuries, but Lucas took the brunt of the vehicle.”

A GoFundMe page was later created in support of the couple, saying that the brave deputy ‘saved Nicole’s life by shoving her to the side’ and that he absorbed most of the damage.

The page has since raised more than $90,000 of its $100,000 goal. The post goes on to say:

“He was left unconscious on scene and subsequently taken to UT Trauma.

“He’s currently in TICU and has been diagnosed with a brain bleed, a fractured skull, multiple facial fractures and has a blood clot in his main artery in his neck.”


Due to the severity the injuries, his loved ones did not have high hopes for his survival, but defying all odds, Lucas has since regained consciousness.

The two deputies are now recovering, even though Nicole is still in pain as she cannot walk without assistance.

“Despite that, she refuses to leave his side,” creator of the GoFundMe page, Aaron Shaffer said.

Later, Nicole took to the web to share her own thoughts on the matter and thank everyone for their generous support.

Aaron continued the post by saying:

“Lucas will be out of work for an undetermined but certainly lengthy period of time.

“Nicole is a reserve deputy, current member of the Air National Guard, and runs a phenomenal salon/beauty service, but is both unable, and unavailable to work as she is caring for Lucas.

“These funds will quite literally buy them the time they need to heal, the time they will need together as Lucas adjusts to whatever the ‘new normal’ might be, and will serve to alleviate one stressor as they face the challenges ahead.”

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