Playtime! Adorable footage of mama bear teaching cub how to use the slide

An endearing video shows the moment a mama bear teaches her cub how to use the slide. 

The adorable scene took place at Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina. It shows the bears taking advantage of the empty outdoor gym to have some peaceful playtime bu the slide.

The footage was captured on September 21, Daily Mail reports. In the clip, the mother bear can be seen tutoring her cub how to slide, as teachers can be heard exclaiming in awe.

Credits: Facebook

At the beginning of the video, the mama bear demonstrates fine skills at going down the slide. She then eagerly waits for the cub to repeat her little trick.

Meanwhile, pretending to mimic her, one of the teachers witnessing the touching moment says: “You can do this one honey, it’s the smaller one! You can do it!”

Eventually, the cup gathers the courage to slide and joins its mom in a heartwarming hug. Another teacher then says: “Oh my gosh! That seriously just happened. Oh my god.”

Credits: Facebook

The footage made it to social media thanks to fifth-grade teacher Betsie Stockslager Emry. Sharing it on Facebook, Emry wrote:

“This MADE MY DAY – playground at school… watch the whole thing!!

I LOVE how the mama goes down the big slide and quickly runs to the smaller slide- only to bear hug the little one as they make it to the bottom 🙂

The teacher added:

“Our school is in downtown Asheville and the bears are on campus frequently. The school adheres to safety protocols when they are on site and this video was taken after students were gone for the day. The chatter is just a handful of teachers enjoying mama and baby!”

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