6 Personality Traits That Can Help Recognize a Narcissist

Meeting a narcissist is inevitable

Sooner or later you’re going to meet a narcissist. These people are difficult to handle as they tend to have manipulative and abusive behaviour. They are egocentric and lead a life dedicated to boosting their own enormous ego at every price. Narcissists are ready to destroy valuable relationships with friends and relatives for the sake of achieving their goals and ambitions. They have toxic personality and people need to keep a distance from them.

How to recognize a narcissist

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to recognize whether the person, we are strongly involved with, is a narcissist. These people are very good at masking the manipulative behaviour. You might not realize you’re dealing with one until a very late stage of the relationship.

Sadly, a relationship with a narcissist most often turns out painful and destructive because of their toxic behaviour and it’s not a good idea to deepen it.

These 6 typical traits of narcissists’ personality might help recognize them more easily.

1. They always blame others

A narcissist always puts the blame for whatever comes, on someone else. They are perfect manipulators and are able to persuade and involve other people in their own mess. It’s not a good idea to confront a narcissist and tell them how you feel about their behaviour because they could immediately show you the story from a different angle, which suits their point of view. And finally, you could end up feeling even more guilty about the situation than before.

Unless constantly flattered and exaggeratedly praised, narcissists are overcritical toward others. They usually discredit the opinion of the people who aren’t their admirers by calling them liars, for example. You should never blame a narcissist for anything, not because they’re right, but for the sake of your own peace of mind.

2. They are vindictive

Narcissists harbour resentment or ill feelings toward the people who have offended them and always seek revenge. That’s how they heal their hurt ego. On the top of that, a narcissistic person couldn’t resist the temptation to punish or humiliate. If they feel the slightest inconvenience in anyone, they might tear them off a strip because of this. In such situations, their behaviour is close to the one of a fierce shark that has smelled blood and is ready to attack and rip its victim.

3. They have fake faces

Narcissists are many-faced people. Their main interest when establishing a relationship with someone is how this person could serve their needs. Narcissists tend to create different identities, depending on the situations and people. That’s why it’s difficult to reveal their true ugly face. And if they happen to show it sometime, this usually is because they’ve been provoked.

4. They think they’re better than the rest

Narcissists believe they are better than the others or at least want to be. They could try putting down every person who questions the idea of their perfection. Actually, it’s their natural behaviour not to acknowledge other people’s success. A narcissist usually gives their best to manipulate people into feeling down. Other’s happiness is not a thing they wish. On the contrary, these people are really into diminishing other’s self-esteem and could use all kinds of manipulative techniques to do it.

5. They are chronological liars

Narcissists lie very often. This helps them build their fake identities and adapt according to the situations they fall into. They lie for attention or in order to make it obvious how good they are. They are not ashamed of lying and could do it in public if this makes them feel admired.

6. They don’t take responsibility

Responsibility is something that a narcissist tries to avoid. They want to do things, but not to bear the negativity that comes out of their actions. They would deny when having provoked any consequences and would try to put the blame on others. The same goes if they’ve hurt someone. Even if it’s a person close to them. Narcissists think that feeling pain is a problem solely for the other person and never put a blame on themselves. However, they hate being insulted or discredited and might seek revenge, in order to relieve the pain of their hurt ego.

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