Passengers Horrified By Giant Tarantula Found On Airplane Mid-Flight

Just imagine what it would be like to see a giant tarantula crawling next to you while you’re sipping your tea on an airplane…

Flights are stressful as they are, cramming people up in a tight space like sardines, children screaming, people kicking your seat, you’re breaking your neck while trying to get ten minutes of sleep… And isn’t that enough? Apparently, for some people on a flight from Mexico to Brazil, a little (or should we say large) bonus was also added into the mix – an actual tarantula.

Somehow the hairy arachnid found its way onto the plane and managed to shock and strike fear into passengers onboard.

A Mexican tarantula. Image: BBC

Footage of the situation was shared by @directorbrazil on Instagram with the caption:

“So this just happened on my flight…”

And if anyone was getting some sleep on that flight, they surely must’ve kept their eyes wide open after seeing this thing being carried away in a plastic bag.

The video shows the giant four-legged mini beast being transported to a safe place as people around it film it with their phones, gasping:

“Woahh” and “Oh my God.” 

Tarantulas mainly inhabit countries such as Australia, the United States and Latin America, and the flight is said to have been a Mexican budget company named Volaris, according to The Independent.


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A post shared by Director Brazil (@directorbrazil)

The post has since received 16,000+ views with people expressing their sheer horror at the sight of the scary spider. 

One person wrote:

“Heeeeeccckkksss no.”

Another commented:

“Nope!!!! Flight over, somebody not checking the bags like they are supposed to.”

And a third said:

“I would have got a heart attack.”

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