Overnight Millionaire: Woman Received $10.5M Instead Of $100

Cover image: crypto.news

According to reports, Crypto.com has sent around $10.5 million by mistake to someone who was supposed to receive a $100 refund. 

A Melbourne woman revealed as ‘Thevamanogari Manivel’ was contacted 7 months after the company underwent an audit.

The leader in crypto currency has now taken legal steps against the woman after they mistakenly made her rich in May 2021.

The error was discovered in the midst of the audit right before Christmas, and the total missing sum came up to $10,474,143.

But by the time the company tried to get their money back, the woman and her sister had already splashed $1.35 million on a massive house. The 5-bedroom house, which was purchased in February, even has a home gym and a built-in cinema. The rest of the money was spread out to multiple accounts.

Crypto.com then took action to freeze Ms. Manivel’s bank accounts but by then, more than $10 million had been transferred to a joint account and more than $400,000 had been transferred to her daughter.

They also found that the registration for the house was moved to her sister’s name. 

The company is now trying to get back the cost of the house with 10% interest while the sister is seeking legal help with the matter.

The court is currently dealing with the issue and the women are yet to be called up for hearings.

According to reports, the mistake was made as someone entered an account number in the refund amount field. 

More than half a year later, the Crypto.com detected the colossal error.

Now, a judge has ordered the house to be sold, and the remaining money to be returned.

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