North Korea Now Using Robots To Teach Children English And “Enhance Intelligence”

North Korea has started using robots to provide education to its children. 

Following a recent push for education reform and technological innovation pushed by communist leader Kim Jong Un, a video released by the country’s state television (KRT) presents a robot created to help kids learn more efficiently.

At just 80 centimeters in height, the robot was shown moving around a classroom at a Pyongyang university, while another, larger robot, smiled from a screen fitted inside its head, and a third was shown wearing a blue suit and glasses.

One of the robots then waves its mechanical arms around as it says that it’s there to help “teach educational technology that enhances children’s intelligence,” as per Sky News.

Children wearing protective face masks repeated sentences spoken by the robots to help them learn English. Two other kids also practiced their newly-learned skills to the class, saying:

“Hello? Hi. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. What’s your name?”

Other kids were using what seemed to be 3D design software as one of the robots was overseeing their progress. 

This comes after a long process to help the robots understand humans, with university professor Park Kum Hee telling the TV station that, at first, the robots shook their heads when asked questions in Korean and other languages.

He went on to say:

“Upgrading this robot’s intelligence was difficult for me as someone who majored in psychology. It was the words of our respected Comrade General Secretary [Kim Jong-un] on adopting artificial intelligence technology in education that has always guided me on the right track.”

North Korea reopened its schools in June 2020 following the Covid-19 outbreak, with kids required to wear masks during classes. 

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