North Dakota House Passes Bill Banning Mandatory Face Masks

The state of North Dakota just passed a bill that would prevent rules requiring face masks, a rule deemed by one lawmaker as “diabolical silliness.”

The House of Representatives’ lower chamber voted 50-44 last Monday to prohibit state and local governments, schools, and businesses stop their mandatory coronavirus mask mandates, as per The Grand Forks Herald.

The bill is now going to the Senate.

Representative Jeff Hoverson, who sponsored the bill, has described the mask requirements as “diabolical silliness.”

“The mask is a part of a larger apparatus of a movement of unelected, wealthy bureaucrats, who are robbing our freedoms and perpetuating lies,” he said, according to the Prairie Public Press.

In the meantime, Representative Jason Dockter warned that a ban on masks would take away control from local governments.

“If people wanted to decide to have a mask mandate, they should have that choice,” he said. “They should also have the choice not to mandate.”

The move comes following North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum’s imposition of a statewide mask mandate last November.

“Since the beginning, we’ve taken a data-driven approach to our pandemic response, focusing on saving lives and livelihoods,” he said back then.

“Right now, the data demands a higher level of mitigation efforts to reverse these dangerous trends, to slow the spread of this virus, and to avoid the need for economic shutdowns.”

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