North Carolina officers fill stranded woman’s car with gas and invite her to lunch

Kindness overload: North California Highway Patrol officers helped a “sweet lady” stranded on a road and treated her to lunch. 

These police officers are the proof that kindness still exists. 

Last week, as an elderly woman was traveling along I-85 in Alamance County, North Carolina, she found herself stranded. It turned out her car had run out of gas.

The woman quickly called the police for help, but she had no idea she would receive so much more. Apparently, this was her lucky day, as she was given a hand by no other but State Troopers Linch and Coggins, Newsner reveals.

The cops decided to do a little more than simply help the lady get fuel for her car and sent her off.

At first, officer Linch kept the woman company while his partner went to pick up some gas. When Coggins returned, they filled her car with gas, but they wanted to make her day even better.

So, they invited her to lunch.

Eventually, Linch, Coggins, and their new friend joined two other troopers – Foster and Gibbs, and they all enjoyed a lovely lunchtime at a local restaurant.

The wholesome story was shared on Facebook by Andrea King Lowe, who concluded:

“That’s what it’s all about y’all. Community service at its best. Proud to be part of this organization/family.”

What do you think of the North Carolina troopers’ kindhearted deed? Let us know in the comment section!

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