Non-binary ‘human dragon’ who spent $83,500 on body modifications wants to find love

After spending over $83,500 on turning themselves into a “human dragon” a non-binary person now wants to find love.

The life of Richard Hernandez took a dramatic turn back in the 1980s, after a dream that transformed his perspective forever. Today, Hernandez is a 60-year-old non-binary person known as Tiamat Legion Medusa, or Legion the Dragon.

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Legion’s main goal is to turn into a “human dragon” – something their dream guided them towards. In the dream, a snake bite turned them into a “reptoid,” inspiring them to undergo countless body modifications to fulfill their destiny.

As Daily Mail reports, Legion have since spent more than $83,500 on various surgeries, including ear removal, tongue splitting, castration, and numerous tattoos. They also plan to add horns to their head and have their remaining six teeth removed. Afterward, they would get a full set of dental implants designed to look like dragon’s teeth, which appears to be their “immediate priority.” 

A penectomy is also in Legion’s plans, as it will make them “the world’s first and only genderless dragon.”

But there is one thing the human dragon wants to change for their soul and not for their body. After 12 years of being single, they are finally considering finding love once more. They share:

“The perfect human man for me would be one with no tattoos or modifications of any kind, one that is the total opposite of what I am.”

Credits: Jam Press

They also open up about the foretelling dream that transformed their entire life:

“[In the dream] I found myself surrounded by snakes, of all colors and the snakes were all biting me and I was very much afraid, but as the dream went on and they kept on biting me, I could see that I was not being hurt by them or their bites.

It was when I realized this that my fear began to subside and I felt safe and at peace and I was not afraid of the snakes, then I woke up.

I can still recall the dream so vividly as if it happened last night, and it was then that I knew there was an important message for me in my dream – it was an omen that I was one of them, a sign of things to come in my life.

Today I believe that when those snakes were biting me in my dream that they were in effect injecting me with their venom as a way to give me that venom making me like them, which is why today I am a venom-spitting dragon, as opposed to being a fire-breathing dragon like many people incorrectly assume.”

Legion decided to change their life completely by “shedding” parts of their humanity in 1997 when they were diagnosed with HIV.

Credits: Jam Press

They explain:

“I am removing parts of myself that offend me including some of my physical attributes and also how I live my life today as a creature that is part-human and part-reptilian. 

Having been to hell and back, having endured so much cruelty at the hands of humans, making myself into something from another species is my own way of dealing with the spiritual, emotional, psychological pain and anguish that continues to torment me through my life today.

This is my way of dealing with life and the hand that was dealt me. It may not be how others would have handled things but this is my life and I will do things my way – and I will continue to march to the beat of my own drum.”

Legion claim they believe they are “a real and true life reptoid.”

Credits: Jam Press

They continue:

“I can deal with being part human, just as long as I am also part reptilian because, with my being a transspecies, no longer being ‘just human’ gives me a peace that passes all understanding.”

The human dragon shared they consider themselves a “venom-spitting dragon.” They clarify:

“It’s not so much that I have actual venom shooting out of my fangs but it comes from my heart. It can be either a combination of something good or not so good, depending on a particular situation and how I deal with people who are either nice and respectful, or those who are mean and ugly.

My motto is that each is met as each deserves – I use my intellect and words, which can make flowers grow or cut like a knife, and people can be nice or they get to taste my venom.

This is where my happy place is – knowing I have gone to great lengths to find my happiness and finding it in another species.”

The final transformation Legion plan on undergoing is expected to happen in 2025. 

Credits: Jam Press

As for their love interests, they share:

“I have recently warmed up to the idea of dating but getting started is not going to be easy for me. I have particular tastes in men – and I do mean human men – but my ultimate desire and hope is to meet a fellow reptoid so we can be a perfect couple.

While I have many reptile enthusiast friends around the world, I have yet to make a connection with someone else that also identifies as a reptilian – but I know they are out there somewhere. Destiny has yet to bring us together but it will happen.”

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