Newborn Aged 13 Days Dies From COVID-19

А 13-day-old baby has gone down as the youngest person to pass away due to COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, according to the NHS. 

It was recently revealed that another 62 people lost their lives to the virus in hospitals across England, with patients aged between 13 days and 97 years of age.

Three of those people, including the infant, had no underlying health problems. Their families have been notified of their deaths, according to the NHS.

Wales reported five more deaths, while Scotland reported two, and Northern Ireland zero. All in all, this happens to be the lowest increase on a Thursday since March 19, when 43 people died.

The total number of COVID-19 deaths in hospitals totals 28,175.

The official statistic, which includes those who died in care homes as well as the wider community, has reached more than 42,000. But the data based on death certificates mentioning the virus shows the real number is probably 53,000, and this includes suspected cases.

Recently it was revealed that the NHS is letting go of its current coronavirus track and trace application, to substitute it with an app developed by Google and Apple.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is set to put out a plan for the latest model, which politicians have long said will be critical when it comes to catching COVID cases earlier and stopping a second peak.

The current version created by the NHS will now be made one with the new Apple-Google model, after some delay. It has been revealed that the new model makes it harder for people to hack into someone’s personal data.

The new piece of tech is said to have stronger privacy controls but this means that epidemiologists will also have less access to data, reports say.

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