NASA investigates primary school after a ‘meteorite’ crashes in the schoolyard

A meteorite had fallen in a schoolyard in Far North Queensland… Or at least that’s what NASA thought. 

  • NASA examined a primary school over claims of a fallen meteorite.
  • An image of the space rock sparked a wave of speculations on Facebook.
  • The origins of the meteorite were soon revealed, leaving many, including NASA representatives baffled. 
Credits: Malanda State School / Facebook

NASA’s attention was recently caught by Malanda State School in Queensland over claims of a fallen meteorite, Daily Mail reveals. The agency actually believed there was a fallen space rock in the schoolyard. Nevertheless, they quickly found out that the celestial object was, in fact, a part of a primary school assignment.

Mark Allen, principal of the school, told 7NEWS:

“We’ve had all sorts of inquiries from all around the world, including NASA who asked us to make a report to the Kennedy Space Centre.”

All the fuss was provoked by a picture of the ‘meteorite’ that emerged on Facebook.

Credits: Australia crash investigation unit

Not long after, social media users began a series of speculations about the origins of the space rock. However, as soon as everyone found out it was nothing but a school project, the social media attention rapidly decreased. Still, Mr. Allen admitted:

“It is important to note that it was just a bit of fun, and the excitement in the air this morning was absolutely magic.”

The students at Malanda State School even made a video report about the ‘meteorite landing,’ and interviewed officials and witnesses at the scene. Some of the questions asked were: “What would the police investigation entail?” and “Is the community safe?” 

According to Daniel Moss, “the police loved to get involved for the school and the kids to make it more realistic.” He added:

“This is a small town, they didn’t expect it to go viral.”

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