Narcissists and why many of them manage to come off as good people despite being massive abusers

What kind of evil superpower do narcissists have to always come off as the good guys, even though they stand in the center of every single tantrum? This question has baffled everyone who has been dealing with such a toxic individual. Perhaps, you have been looking for its answer too.

If you have the chance to look inside a narcissist’s world, you would see that everything in it revolves around them.

They are the center of their own universe. Everything works in their best interest. So, it comes naturally that they are always able to get away with their mischievous, hurtful deeds and even find ways to convince everyone around them of their innocence.

Playing the role of the victim is like a sport to them, especially when they have run out of excuses. Whenever they sense someone is close to figuring out their true intentions and exposing their nasty nature, do everything in their power to present themselves as the sufferer instead of the abuser. And somehow, playing the victim card always seems to work in their favor. But how do they manage to fool everyone into believing they are good, when, in reality, they are so damn bad?

Despite lacking emotional intelligence, narcissists have the ability to play with others’ feelings.

They can use your emotions in their own favor over and over again, without you having the slightest idea of it. A narcissist can easily provoke you into reacting intensely, only to make you look disoriented and mentally unstable. Once they trigger in you the reaction they want, they start portraying you as the abuser, even when you are the victim. And the worst thing is that they usually succeed in making you feel guilty for their own mistakes.

Blame-shifting is one of the many strategies narcissists use to manipulate others and get their obnoxious mind games into action. They do it with one single cause – to avoid taking responsibility. By using your insecurities, flaws, and uncertainties against you, they weaken your mind and distract you from the real issue. In suchlike situations, they usually confront you about something they know you are uncomfortable talking about. This way, they make sure you won’t be focusing on their fault anymore, and they would be able to escape being held accountable for their mischiefs.

However, even if blame-shifting was off the table, narcissists have something in them that makes you trust them. They possess an irresistible charm that takes your mind off their evil nature. You can see this phenomenon described as a “halo effect.” It occurs when you take only one positive trait and attribute it to the narcissist’s entire personality. For example, if they are outstandingly attractive, you could consider them as good people only because they have good looks. If they are well-mannered, you would find them trustworthy in other aspects, only because they seem they know how to react properly in certain situations.

These are only a few of the ways narcissists manage to come off as the good guys. 

If you want to protect yourself from these manipulators’ negative influence, you must be aware of these red flags. One of the most important things when trying to overpower a narcissist or escape from their mentally abusive trap is to know their strategies in depth.

Having this knowledge will help you spot their intentions before they manage to make a move. Hence, you will be able to prevent yourself from becoming their victim even before they have put their tactics into action.

Have you ever wondered how do narcissists always manage to escape from taking responsibility? What is your take on the subject? Let us know in the comment section!

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