This California Moving Company is Helping Abused Women in an Amazing Way

This California Moving Company is Helping Women in an Amazing Way

When the owner of Meathead Movers, Arron Steed, first got into the moving business, he never suspected how often he would get calls from women trying to flee domestic violence. In the first couple of years of owning the moving company, Steed says that he was the one that usually took the emotional phone calls. “I remember the conversations pretty vividly and feeling a tremendous amount of panic and sadness. Handling those phone calls made it very real very quick,” he says, “As the jobs went on, we realized we were potentially saving lives.
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Steed never like taking money for helping women that desperately needed to get away from abusive situations. So, 18 years after forming the company, Steed has made moving women in need for free – a company policy. Steed has come to understand through the years how important it is for women to have a way to get out of an abusive situation. For a lot of women that are in abusive relationships, they feel trapped, and Steed’s Meathead movers are giving them a way out. Kathleen Buczko, who runs a women’s shelter that works with Meathead Movers, Said “From an emergency perspective, having the opportunity to move your stuff out and put it in a protected place, affords the opportunity for individuals to get into a safe situation quicker.”
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But with Meathead Movers, it’s not just about moving furniture, it’s about taking care of people who need it the most. “It wasn’t so much about how we moved furniture,” Steed says, “It was about how we made our clients feel. We really care about the customers’ experience. Because we hire clean-cut, drug-free student-athletes, our customers can just tell the caliber of individual that we employ.”

Steed isn’t just working to help his customers, he’s actually working to make great men of his employees as well. “As I get older, I can’t help but really value and appreciate more and more the tone this sets for my employees who are involved in actually moving these victims,” Steed said. “I can’t help but think and hope that it changes their perception of themselves and their ability to have a major impact to do something that can really help someone in need.

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