Mother reunites with her son after Covid-19 kept them apart for TWO YEARS

“It felt like me and my mum were the only two people on earth at that moment.”

A mother and her son had an emotional reunion after being separated for two years due to Covid-19.

Hayley Gibbs, 56, and her son Ciaran Joyce, 34, were forced to spend two years away from one another due to the pandemic.

In 2019, Ms. Gibbs moved to Australia from the UK. That was the last time her son, who lives in London, saw her in person before their recent touching reunion.

Credits: Ciaran Joyce

Thankfully, after two long years, the mother-son duo was finally able to give each other a real hug. The heartwarming moment was captured in a video taken by Ciaran’s girlfriend, Lucy Dryzek, 30, Daily Mail reports.

In fact, the whole reunion was orchestrated by Lucy, who wanted to surprise her boyfriend.

To fool Ciaran, she told him they were having a meal with her mom. Meanwhile, his mother had arrived in London earlier that morning, looking forward to meeting her beloved son.

In the video, the 34-year-old actor can be seen looking at the restaurant’s door, expecting his girlfriend’s mother to enter. However, it was Ms. Gibbs who walked in.

At this moment, Ciaran’s facial expression instantly changes, revealing just how surprised he was to see his beloved mother. He then sprints into her arms, and they give each other a massive long-waited hug.

Ms. Gibbs then says: “Surprise, son! I’ve missed you, my handsome boy!”

Credits: Ciaran Joyce

Speaking about the emotional moment, Ciaran said:

“I was taken to the pub by my girlfriend, Lucy, expecting to catch up with her mother. My mum had landed in London that morning without my knowledge and she and Lucy had arranged the surprise that week.

My mind went blank. It felt like me and my mum were the only two people on earth at that moment.

The pandemic has caused so many people to be stranded from loved ones for so long. The fact so many have taken comfort, joy and shared their stories in the comments section shows just how much people can miss one another. It has been a bit humbling to be honest.”

The actor posted the video of his touching reunion with his mother on Instagram, captioning:

“In 2019 my Mam moved to Australia. Due to the pandemic, I hadn’t seen her since. We also lost my Nan (her Mam) in April. She was unable to come home to say her goodbyes due to strict Australian border control.

Yesterday evening, thanks to her & my (girlfriend) Lucy, a wonderful surprise happened. I got to hug my Mum for the first time in 2 years. Love you Mam. Missed you loads.”


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Ciaran is also a Movember Activist, “hence the moustache in the vid.” 

Explaining the reason behind his mustache and his activism, the 34-year-old man said:

“I sadly lost a dear friend to suicide and have had battles with mental health myself. I know how difficult and scary it can be to open up to others about. 

I want to raise awareness and money for organisations like Movember to prevent or help others going through the same thing and help them navigate the choppier waters of life.”


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If you wish to support Ciaran’s Movember campaign, check out @movember on IG!

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